Sell and Trade with us in Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia or Poland

March 2024

Sell your Magic: The Gathering singles, full sets and
even your entire MtG collection

Meet our buyers to sell your collection

Three for One Trading is one of the top trading card games retailers in Europe. We buy over 1,000,000 Magic cards a year, and we are happy to make you an offer for your cards too.

Our buyers will be in Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia and Poland, visiting clients, from March 11 to March 15, 2024, at the 341 LEGACY 1K in Vienna on March 16 and in Prague for the LMS from March 22 to 24. We are looking forward to meeting you there or in your city!

If the collection value you are interested in selling is exceeding €20.000 we are happy to meet you in other cities as well. If you have a smaller collection, you can always sell to us using postal or our pick-up service with FedEx. Learn more about that option here.

Just 4 steps to sell your cards

Your Buying Expert

  • Monday to Friday

  • 10:00 to 15:00

  • Or just click the button below to get an offer online:

Lukas Schwendinger

Team Lead Buying

Just 4 Steps to Sell Your Cards

1. Fill out the contact form

Reach out by filling out the contact form below and let us know what you want to sell. It just takes a couple of minutes, and it will help us get you a first evaluation quickly and accurately.

2. Provide information about your collection

Directly upload photos of your cards and/or an Excel spreadsheet that lists your collection. If you do not have them ready, you can use our upload page to submit your images at a later time.

Check out our tips on how to best take pictures of your collection in no time.

3. Schedule a meeting

After submitting the photos and/or spreadsheet, we will reach out to you to talk about the details and schedule a meeting in your city. We do this typically within two business days.

4. Get our offer

After our buying expert went through your cards at the meeting, he will make you a final offer. This is usually within 10 % from the initial offer. We can pay you cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

Our buying prices for individual cards change on a daily basis. We pay up to 70 % of the market price, depending on different factors like card condition, card language and our inventory.

Get your offer

What our customers say

These guys are really professional and everything went very smoothly. Can recommend this service to anyone […].

Hannu H., (via Google)

Excellent communication and handling of international sales. I sold my entire collection to them for a very fair price.

Christoph M., (via Facebook)

This was a great experience from start to finish – ended up getting a slightly higher price than the initial offer.

Oskar P., (via Google)

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