Get to know the team – Oliver Polak-Rottmann

Oliver Polak-Rottmann

Welcome to the second instalment of our new blog article series where we’d like you to get to know our team a little bit better. You have questions that we haven’t asked? Write us on Facebook.


When did you join Three for One?

Right from the beginning in 2016. Everything started in my apartment in Vienna.

What is it that you do at Three for One?

I am in charge of the stock management for our Cardmarket shop and all events we attend as a vendor like the MagicFest and Cardmarket Series. With over 600.000 listed cards on the Cardmarket platform there’s always something to do ;-)

When did you start playing magic, and how did it happen?

My parents bought a two-player set of Fourth Edition. I was fascinated of the game’s aspect that you could play for Ante. After winning a Rod of Ruin with my dads deck I never looked back …

What was the first magic edition that you played with?

My first display I purchased was Weatherlight and my first Prerelease was with Tempest.

Your biggest mtg success was…?

Winning Grand Prix Utrecht in 2014 and becoming the National Champion of Austria in 2008. Also the Top 8 at the World Magic Cup in 2017 with Team Austria was very special for me.

What is your favorite magic card?

Easy: Master of Waves

What’s your favorite magic deck?

Vintage: Staxxs
Legacy: Infect
Modern: Infect
Standard: Whatever Gabriel Nassif ist playing

Is there anything we don’t know about you that might surprise us?

I am a regular at live concerts, especially punk rock gigs and I love everything about turtles. The animal, not the ninja ones ;-)

The Magic Turtle Hall of Fame at the Three for One Office
The Magic Turtle Hall of Fame at the old Three for One Office

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