Get to know the team – Stefan Koller

Stefan Koller

Although often times invisible, the feeding of data into the computer is essential for our functioning system. Stefan Koller is part of the listing team, and it’s his responsibility that every new card finds a place in the digital world, so it can be, in return, found by you!

When did you join Three for One?

I’m part of the listing team since july 2021.

What is it that you do at Three for One?

My main job here in the store is the listing of cards. That doesn’t only mean getting the cards online, but I also need to grade them. So I evaluate the condition of the card, then I register them online.

I also help out in other departments when needed. If someone from shipping or presorting takes a sick leave or is on vacation, I jump in.

When did you start playing Magic, and how did it happen?

You can thank my brother for that! He played the game with his schoolfriends.

In 2003 I held my first Magic cards ever, they were all from the Onslaught block. I can also vaguely remember to have built my first kitchentable deck with cards from Ravnica.

All in all I paused playing Magic again pretty quickly from 2003 to 2018. Since 2018 the addiction kicked in and Magic became my biggest hobby.

What was the first Magic edition that you played with?

I started playing serious with Dominaria, although Commander 18 might be the more correct answer!

Your biggest MTG success or highlight as a player was…?

My biggest achievement was that, thanks to the “Adventures in the Forgotten Realms” set, I convinced my D&D group to play Magic.

I’m not a big tournament person, so I played a few beginner tournaments in the Spielraum and a few drafts here and there with my friends.

What is your favorite Magic card?

Handsdown Tolsimir Wolfblood.



What’s your favorite Magic deck?

Currently that’s my Commander deck around Yuriko, the Tiger’s Shadow.

Is there anything we don’t know about you that might surprise us?

I’m single ;)