Get to know the team – Wenzel Krautmann

Wenzel Krautmann

Welcome to the already fourth article of our blog series where you will get to know our team a bit better. You have questions that we haven’t asked? Write us on Facebook.


When did you join Three for One?

In 2016. I am one of the founding members.

What is it that you do at Three for One?

My main responsibility is buying Magic cards. Part of this is creating and maintaining our buylist for all high end cards and constantly keeping an eye on the Old School and Vintage market. I love buying cards but my favorite thing is buying Power 9 cards, like Ancestral Recall or the Black Lotus. Furthermore I am replying to your messages on our Social Media accounts and I am in charge of the company’s Instagram account. Posting and rare, cool and interesting cards as well as interacting with the community is a lot of fun.

When did you start playing Magic, and how did it happen?

As with most Magic players a friend introduced me to the game. I think that was in Summer 1996. I was hooked immediately and starting introducing the game to my other friends. It took some time until I played in my first Magic tournament which was in 2000.

What was the first Magic edition that you played with?

The local shop had Alliances as the newest set but I rather bought up all Revised boosters. I mean, Shivan Dragon, Serra Angel and Mahamoti Djinn were waaaay better than Force of Will.

Your biggest MTG success was…?

Travelling the world with friends and having tons of fun. We went to Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, Costa Rica, Russia, the US and all of Europe. I was able to win a Grand Prix (Warsaw 2013) and placed four more times in the top 8 of one.

What is your favorite Magic card?

Waterfront Bouncer – an old friend gave me the nickname bouncer and I use it ever since.

What’s your favorite Magic deck?

I don’t really have one, but I prefer playing midrange in Constructed and “Ultra Weenie” in Limited. Curving out 1/1 creatures for 1 mana that have a synergy with the rest of the deck is my draft pet strategy. But only if I can win with it ;-)

Is there anything we don’t know about you that might surprise us?

After Worlds 2006 in Paris I didn’t play Magic for quite some time. I moved to Tübingen and studied law. After I graduated my fiancee and my daughter moved to Vienna with me. We are planning to go back to Tübingen once we are retired.

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