David Reitbauer won the RPTQ in Bologna

David Reitbauer:

We happened to win the RPTQ yesterday in Bologna!!!

About 150 Teams and 8 Rounds of Swiss followed by Quarter and Semifinals as only the top2 teams qualified.

In preparation of the event we went through all the possible options and first came up with a combination of UW Control, BR Vehicles and MonoGu/MonoGb/Constrictor.

UW Control and the red deck were the preferred options of my 2 teammates, which left me with the "3rd deck". After reviewing many articles and testing all possible green decks I was sure, that green is just a bad color for me to play with. More than once I just felt, that I was out of gas way to fast and had no option to come back to the game.

That left me pretty unhappy and after 2 weeks of testing I finally started played UB Midrange after discussing it with Oliver Polak-Rottmann. Her provided me a lift that he was testing for the Pro Tour - but he hadn't had the guts to play it.

Starting from that point I never looked back at any green card.

The deck was just perfect! It gives you a lot of opportunities to grind out any kind of matchups, with some games ending pretty fast by just playing an unanswered turn 5 Scarab God.

I preboarded the deck for game 1 against creature decks since we epected a chance of more than 66% to find a creature deck in Seat "B" - since we thought noone will place there longlasting controldeck in the middle seat.

And this decicion was highly rewarded. I just played 1 UW Cylcling Controldeck in 10 Rounds. (1 UW Control, 2 UW Gifts, 4 MonoR/BR and 3 Green/BG Decks)

Against MonoR/BR you should have 50%, against GreenDecks I felt I cannot lose except against a Bestiary after boarding and against UW Control you are way behind in Game 1 but after boarding 13 cards you should be able to grind out the pastboardgames.

After the tournament I can highly recommend the deck and just would try to add an additional Hostage Taker to the board and maybe cut the Gonti from the board.

Moment oft the Tournament:
Playing a Spyglass to force my opponent to sacrifice his Bomat Courier (4cards) -> My opponent red the card, revealed his hand (1 Mountain) and looked pretty stunned when I pointed at the Courier... (He was discussing with his teammate and didn't pay attention to his own game and that just led to losing that game. So always concider how much discussion is meaningful within a team match).

Please find enclosed my list, my sideboard and the SideboardGuide I used for RPTQ Bologna.

Special thanks to my to teammates Lukas Schwendinger and Felix Innauer who carried my through in the quarterfinals! They will play their first PT and I am so happy for you guys that it finally "happened".

Also many thanks to Immanuel Gerschenson and Oliver Polak-Rottmann for the support during the last weeks!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
GL for the next round of Team RPTQ's