our story…

Three for One Trading is a startup company based in Vienna, Austria. We are a group of players, writers, and travellers who take a different approach to the best trading card game of all time, Magic: The Gathering. The name of the game is Magic because that’s what the game is to us!

Playing the game, travelling the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting loads of interesting people, and building a community—the list just doesn’t end. These are things we are passionate about, things we love to do, and that is why Three for One Trading is not just another trading site. Because we follow our passion to play the game and travel the world, we have access to all the different markets, so we are able to provide YOU with the best offers.

We never return from our adventures without a good story or two, so join us for great content, personal stories, amazing experiences, and awesome prices, and let’s build a community together!

At Three for One Trading, we believe that the quality and the personality within the Magic-related content is key. We not only provide you with the best offers on cards, we also give you insight into different communities all over the world and tell you remarkable stories about players, situations, and events from all over the world. We travel a lot, communicate a lot, and see a lot. This is what we want to share with you.