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Buy Magic cards at Three for One Trading

At Three for One Trading we offer you an extensive selection of Magic cards for collectors and players alike. You have the opportunity to buy individual cards in our own 341 Online Shop, on Cardmarket, the largest trading card platform in Europe, or directly in our store in Vienna, the 341 Store.

In addition to single cards, we also carry many different sealed products and accessories, not only for Magic: The Gathering, but also for other great trading card games, such as Disney Lorcana, Flesh and Blood or Star Wars Unlimited.

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The platform with all the Magic cards

At Cardmarket you’ll find our huge range of over 700,000 Magic single cards, Boosters and Booster Displays from current and older MTG extensions, as well as various accessories such as Dragon Shield sleeves, playmats, tokens and much more.

We offer affordable and secure shipping all over Europe. However, you can also simply collect your orders from our 341 Store in Vienna. If you are located elsewhere in the world, check out the 341 Online Shop, where we ship worldwide!

High-End Magic cards, Sealed Products and more

Our 341 Online Shop offers you a wide range of current and out-of-print sealed products for the games Magic: The Gathering, Lorcana, Flesh and Blood and Star Wars Unlimited.

The main focus of our singles is on MTG Old School, Legacy, Vintage and Foil high-end cards. You can find all old expansions: Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and many more.

Your store for MTG and more in Vienna

At the 341 Store in Vienna, you will find everything your heart desires as a trading card player. We are one of only two WPN Premium Stores in Vienna and stock a huge range of boosters, booster boxes and accessories.

Of course, you can also choose from our range of over 700,000 Magic single cards from old to new and from affordable to high-priced. In addition to Magic the Gathering, we also stock the trading card games Lorcana, Flesh and Blood and Star Wars Unlimited.

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