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Visit our gaming store at Neulerchenfelder Strasse 76 in Vienna. We have a great selection of trading cards and sealed product. We carry Magic the Gathering, Disney Lorcana, Flesh and Blood and Star Wars Unlimited.


Our shop for MtG Sealed Product, Old School cards and Vintage goodies.
Collectible and investable highlights from Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and much more …

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Upcoming Events

Learn more about upcoming conventions and trade fairs we visit and tournaments we host. Visit our Vienna LGS and play a round of Commander, play a game of Modern, or join a Booster Draft of Magic’s latest expansion.

MagicCon Amsterdam 2024

28. June - 30. June

Spiel Essen 2021

Spiel ’24 Essen

3. October - 6. October

MagicCon Las Vegas 2024

25. October - 27. October



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News & Articles

The 341 Magazine

The latest blog articles, news and event coverage from the world of Magic: The Gathering. Brought to you by Three for One Trading and a team of awesome and talented writers.

  • Should You Play What Is Best Or What You Know

    Published On: April 3rd, 2024By

    Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa joins our writing team. In his first article, Paulo reflects on competitive deck choices and answers the question: Is it better to pick the deck you know best or to play the new game breaking meta deck?

  • The Best Spot Removal in Commander

    Published On: April 2nd, 2024By

    Today, we are taking a look at the best spot removal that Commander has to offer! We are going through different color categories from White to Colorless and see what they can bring to your EDH table. If you don't know what to add to your deck, get some inspiration here!

  • Best Decks in Standard [March 2024]

    Published On: March 18th, 2024By

    Matej Zatlkaj got into the Pro Tour Top 8 twice and is now ready to help you do the same! Or at least help you wreak havoc at your next local Regional Championships. Read all about the best Standard archetypes, their strengths, weaknesses and how you can adjust them for your Standard meta!

Our Vienna Store

Our Vienna Store