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Visit our gaming store at Neulerchenfelder Strasse 76 in Vienna. We have a great selection of trading cards and sealed product. We carry Magic the Gathering and Flesh and Blood.


Our shop for MtG Sealed Product, Old School cards and Vintage goodies.
Collectible and investable highlights from Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and much more …

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Learn more about upcoming conventions and trade fairs we visit and tournaments we host. Visit our Vienna LGS and play a round of Commander, play a game of Modern, or join a Booster Draft of Magic’s latest expansion.


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The 341 Magazine

The latest blog articles, news and event coverage from the world of Magic: The Gathering. Brought to you by Three for One Trading and a team of awesome and talented writers.

  • The Top 10 most expensive Magic Cards on Cardmarket [2023]

    Published On: June 1st, 2023By

    These are the most expensive Magic Cards on Europe's biggest marketplace for single cards, Cardmarket. Are all the well known cards on the list, like Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall? Read on and find out!

  • Rakdos in Standard

    Published On: May 24th, 2023By

    Our author Zen Takahashi competed at the Pro Tour in Minneapolis, shortly before re-qualifying for another Pro Tour. Both times he played Rakdos: Reanimator and Midrange! In his latest article, he compares both experiences and goes over each of the two decks in detail.

  • 341 Legacy 1K ELM Qualifier

    Published On: May 22nd, 2023By

    14 players came to compete at our 341 LEGACY 1K of the year. Here are the Top 4 and their deck lists!

Our Vienna Store

Our Vienna Store