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General Information

Magic: The Gathering is a tabletop and digital trading card game. Magic was released back in 1993, making it the first and oldest trading card game. The trading card game is published by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, and was created by Richard Garfield. The game is available in many languages, including German.

As a player, you take on the role of a Planeswalker. These are powerful wizards who can travel between the dimensions of the multiverse and compete against other players. Cast spells, use artifacts and summon creatures to defeat your opponent.

Although the game’s original concept was strongly inspired by the motifs of traditional fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, the gameplay bears little resemblance to paper-and-pencil games.

Learn to Play

Interested in diving into the world of Magic: The Gathering? Wondering how to get started? We recommend you to buy the Magic Arena Starter Kit. This starter kit includes two ready-to-play 60-card decks, a game manual, two deck boxes, and you’ll get a code to unlock the decks in the online version of the game, Magic Arena.

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341 Magazine

In our magazine you will find exciting articles, you can get to know our team and get latest news from the world of Magic the Gathering.

  • Viennageddon 2024

    Published On: May 13th, 2024By

    Last Saturday, on May 11th, the VIENNAGEDDON 2024 took place at the Long Hall Bar in Vienna’s 8th district. A total of 39 players went at it OLD SCHOOL with cool decks and even cooler beer!

  • Should You Play What Is Best Or What You Know

    Published On: April 3rd, 2024By

    Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa joins our writing team. In his first article, Paulo reflects on competitive deck choices and answers the question: Is it better to pick the deck you know best or to play the new game breaking meta deck?

  • The Best Spot Removal in Commander

    Published On: April 2nd, 2024By

    Today, we are taking a look at the best spot removal that Commander has to offer! We are going through different color categories from White to Colorless and see what they can bring to your EDH table. If you don't know what to add to your deck, get some inspiration here!

Tournaments & Events

In our 341 Store in Vienna, we regularly offer events and tournaments around your favorite trading card game. Come by every Monday and Wednesday when we meet for a relaxed Commander round or take part in one of our Booster Drafts. On Mondays, we play with the latest expansions and on Wednesdays there are changing formats from the rich history of Magic. The highlight: Every first Wednesday of the month is Chaos Draft!

In addition to the weekly events, we also host monthly specials such as Set Prereleases, Regional Championship Qualifiers, European Legacy Masters Qualifiers and Modern, and Legacy 1K tournaments.

You can find the details on our Event and Tournament page.

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