Disney Lorcana

A Disney Trading Card Game by Ravensburger

Releases mid-August 2023

General Information

Disney Lorcana is a new and exciting trading card game (TCG), published by Ravensburger under the Disney license. Like you know from other popular games, like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, you collect cards from booster packs and create decks to play from them.

You are a Luminari who awakenes Disney heroes with the help of six magical inks, so called glimmers. The First Chapter is, as the name suggests, the first part of an ongoing story where you are traveling the expanding kingdom of ink.

To play the game, you and your friends need 60 cards decks. Build them from the booster packs contents or buy premade starter decks, designed to get started right away.


© Ravensburger


At the release in September, the game will be available in English, German, and French. Starter decks will get you ready to play and booster packs will help to expand your strategies. Furthermore, attractive bundles and a wide array of accessories, like playmats and card sleeves, will be available for purchase.

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Events & Tournaments

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