Get to know the team – Timotheus Vesely

Timotheus Vesely

We have another new addition to our team. Read on to learn more about Timotheus.


When did you join Three for One?

I am, along with my colleague Francisc, one of the newest members. I started in March 2021.

What is it that you do at Three for One?

I am part of the Cardmarket fulfilment team. Me and my colleagues are in charge of getting your orders out of the shelves to the post office. Obviously as quickly as possible.

When did you start playing Magic, and how did it happen?

I have purchased my first cards, if I remember correctly, in 1996. I can’t really remember how I got into MTG but it is a big part of my life ever since.

What was the first Magic edition that you played with?

Maybe not the most glamorous set: Sixth Edition.

Your biggest MTG success or highlight as a player was…?

A huge highlight was me discovoering the Old School Magic 93/94 format. Soon after I’ve traded my whole colelction for Old Schhol cards and never looked back.

What is your favorite Magic card?


What’s your favorite Magic deck?

Not a big surprise: Turbo Stasis. My version is without White.

Is there anything we don’t know about you that might surprise us?

Old School is my life. Apart from that I am an avid collector of vintage Nintendo gaming consoles. I also repair and mod them.

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