341 LEGACY 1K and European Legacy Masters Qualifier


May 2023

Last Saturday, May 20, 2023, a total of 14 players competed in our 341 LEGACY 1K. At the same time, this was a European Legacy Masters Qualifier, which means players did not only compete for plenty of prize money but also for a spot at the ELM in Bologna, Italy.

At the end, the Top 4 decided to split and give the ticket to Jonas Bauernfeind. Congratulations!

We hope everyone had a good time and until next time!

The Top 4

341 Legacy 1K 05-2023 Top4
  1. Erik Szanto – Cephalid Breakfast

  2. Jonas Bauernfeind – Rhinos 2.1

  3. Samuel Zahorcak – Painter

  4. Jacob Weller – Murktide

Top 4 – Decklists