341 LEGACY 1K and European Legacy Masters Qualifier


March 2024

Last Saturday, March 16, 2024, a total of 49 players competed in our 341 LEGACY 1K. At the same time, this was a European Legacy Masters Qualifier, which means players did not only compete for plenty of prize money but also for a spot at the ELM in Bologna, Italy.

At the end, Samuel Zahorcak could decide the win for himself. Congratulations!

We hope everyone had a good time and until next time!

The Top 8


Samuel Zahorcak – GW Depths

Erik Szanto – Troll Reanimator

Johannes Pehlgrimm – Troll Reanimator

Mario Hinterberger – Turbo Muxus

Benjamin Göbbels – Azorious Stiflenought

Peter Csizmadia – Mono Red Stompy

Johannes Kühnel – Troll Reanimator

Philipp Klein – LED Dredge

Top 8 – Decklists

KW 11 Legacy 1K-2