341 LEGACY 1K Event Coverage


March 2023

Last Saturday, March 25, 2023, a total of 42 players competed our second 341 LEGACY 1K of the year. Even during the final match, 15 people stayed to see who would take the win home! Of course, now we already know that it was Niklas Holtmann with his 4C Yorion deck. Niklas is not an unknown, was he already triumphant at the October 1K. Both events have been European Legacy Masters qualifiers. Congratulations!

We hope everyone had a good time and until next time!

Legacy 1K Winner March 2022

The Top 8

  1. Niklas Holtmann – 4C Yorion
  2. Erik Szanto – Cephalid Breakfast
  3. Michael Brodzak – Aluren BUG
  4. Robert Windegger – Rakdos Painter
  5. Aaron W. – Reanimator
  6. Tomas Varga – Bant Control
  7. David Bartsch – Legacy Ninjutsu
  8. Samuel Zahorcak – Rakdos Painter

Top 8 – Decklists

Legacy 1K Play 02