341 LEGACY 1K Event Coverage

The First 341 Legacy 1K of the Year

On January 28th of 2023 a total of 54 players competed best at our first 341 LEGACY 1K of the year.

After a long day Tomas Varga, Dalibor Szegho, Samuel Zahorcak and Erik Szanto, reached the final four and decided to call it a day and split the loot. Read on to find out who made the top 8 and what decks they played.

Congratulations to the top cut, and thanks for joining us for a great event. Until next time!

The Top 8

  1. Daniel Pernusch – Cephalid Breakfast
  2. Jonas Bauernfeind – Temur Cascade
  3. Tobias Jakob – White Initiative
  4. Erik Szanto – Cephalid Breakfast
  5. Konstantin Hittenberger – Murktide Death’s Shadow
  6. Tomas Varga – 4C Control
  7. Dalibor Szegho – Chaos Painter
  8. Samuel Zahorcak – Boros Stompy