Most Sold Magic Cards in 2021

The best selling MtG Cards of 2021

We rank the top sales on Cardmarket

Ever wondered which Magic cards are sought after most? What are the cards sold most in a year?

In general, it has been a great year for Three For One Trading GmbH. Earlier this year, we hit a milestone with order 100,000. Hence, we have a lot of data, and we thought: Why not share some of this? Let us know in the comments if you liked the approach and if this is something you would like to see more often in the future.

To make it easily understandable, we went and took data from just the one source where we sell most: Cardmarket. Today we are going to present to you, in the name of communication and transparency, our top sales on from the year 2021.

There are a bunch of different cards in Magic: The Gathering, and we are selling a big amount of them, so we organized our bestsellers in different lists of Top 5’s: Token, Lands, Commons, Uncommons, Rares and Mythics. Each list will start on the bottom, and we’ll then work our way up to the Number One.

Keep on reading, and you might be surprised by what was selling better than expected!

If you can’t wait to find out about a specific category, just follow the shortcuts below:

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  3. Bestselling Commons

  4. Bestselling Uncommons

  5. Bestselling Rares

  6. Bestselling Mythics

Top 5 Token Sales

We are starting our journey through 2021 with a Supertype that’s mostly forgotten but always needed: Token!

Goblins, Soldiers, Vampires, Elves and, of course, Squirrels all need to produce Tokens to win their games and because of that, we sold a heap of them.

Number 5: Elemental Token

This 5/5 green and red Elemental Token from Battle for Zendikar might be a surprise, but every Omnath, Locus of Rage deck needs a lot of these.

Elemental Token BFZ

Number 4: Monk Token

Surpassing the almighty Elemental Token is a small Monk Token with Prowess from Fate Reforged. The only card that can produce this kind of Tokens is Monastery Mentor.

Monk Token FRF

Number 3: Pegasus Token

Unlike the previous card, Pegasus Token generators are a bit more common with cards like Storm Herd, Sacred Mesa or Archon of Sun’s Grace. The Pegasus Tokens from Unglued are especially beautiful, and it is no wonder that they sold like crazy.

Pegasus Token UGL

Number 2: Insect Token // Spirit

Only the Hornet Queen and Hornet Nest can produce these deadly Insect Tokens from Commander: Ikoria, but since this is a double-sided card, you can also use them as a Spirit Token. To no surprise, Spirit Tokens are in high demand for a lot of decks!

Insect Spirit Token

Number 1: Faerie Rogue Token

First place goes to these quirky but beautiful Faerie Rogue Tokens from Morningtide. They are notoriously needed for Bitterblossom and will swarm their opponents pretty quickly if not handled fast enough.

Faerie Rogue Token MOR

TOP 5 Land Sales

Lands are needed for every deck and this is a perfect place to remind our readers, that our bestseller lists are created by looking at the quantity of each card sold, not the price. With that in mind, here are the lands!

Number 5: Island (Version 2) – Unsanctioned

This very “basic” Island is our number 5 and rightfully so. The Unsanctioned Island is a beautiful piece of art and catches the simplistic nature of Basic Lands but still staying extraordinaire.

Island UND

Number 4: Forest (Version 1) – Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

The black and white art from the new Innistrad set split the community, but for some the Forest from Midnight Hunt was worth getting quite a lot. That card just emits an eerie atmosphere!

Forest V.1 MID

Number 3: Mountain – Theros Beyond Death

Not really a Mountain and also not “really” a Land, the Mountain from Theros Beyond Death was a real hit for some (Mono Red) players. The other Lands from the Cycle didn’t quite perform as well.

Mountain V.1 THB

Number 2: Swamp (Version 1) – Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Another black and white Land from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt comes in second place. Say what you want, the “swampiness” is undeniable within this artwork!

Swamp V.1 MID

Number 1: Snow-Covered Lands – Modern Horizons

The first place goes to Snow-Covered Lands (all of them) from Modern Horizons. These full-art Lands are not only beautiful, but also functional for many decks that need Snow Mana or Snow Permanents.

Snow-Covered Swamp MH1 Snow-Covered Plains MH1 Snow-Covered Mountain MH1 Snow-Covered Island MH1 Snow-Covered Forest MH1

TOP 5 Common Sales

With all these great lands on the battlefield, it is time to play some… Commons! This might not sound as exciting as the other categories, but only a glance at our number 5 will prove how strong this group actually is.

Number 5: Rhystic Study – Prophecy

It comes to no surprise that some Commander staples will be found in our top Common sales. Although Rhystic Study has been reprinted as a Rare, the original version from Prophecy still counts towards our Common sales count.

Rhystic Study PCY

Number 4: Thoughtcast – Mirrodin

One of the most common deck archetypes might very well be artifacts in any form and combination. That’s why Thoughtcast has to be one of the most sold cards in our Common category.

Thoughtcast MRD

Number 3: Seat of the Synod – Mirrodin

Following the same logic as for our Number 4, Seat of the Synod serves as a solid mana source for many artifact-based decks. Surprisingly, the other lands from the cycle (Ancient Den, Great Furnace, Tree of Tales and Vault of Whispers) didn’t perform as well as Seat of the Synod.

Seat of the Synod MRD

Number 2: Mystic Remora – Ice Age

At place two comes another Commander staple, with Mystic Remora being sold even more than Rhystic Study! The card was only printed once in Ice Age and has never been reprinted after that. While the sales for Rhystic Study have been scattered around multiple editions, Mystic Remora concentrated its sales on one edition.

Mystic Remora ICE

Number 1: Lotus Petal – Tempest

Lotus Petal arrives at Number 1 of our Top 5 Common Sales. Artifacts were heavily dominating this category, and it only seems fitting that such an iconic card would be at the top of it.

Lotus Petal TMP

Top 5 Uncommon Sales

We are continuing our bestselling adventure of 2021 with the Uncommons of the MtG world. It’s a mixed bunch, with a few familiar faces and beloved classics!

Number 5: Tireless Provisioner – Modern Horizons 2

In comparison to the Commons, the Uncommons are a bit more unpredictable, as is demonstrated by the Number 5: Tireless Provisioner. Modern Horizons 2 had a few good Uncommons and this is the first (and maybe the last?) to make it to the Uncommons bestseller list of 2022.

Tireless Provisioner MH2

Number 4: Fatal Push – Aether Revolt

Fatal Push from Aether Revolt is trying to set a new record: Making it into the Top List of every Blog Article it possibly can. Recently Fatal Push was mentioned as one of the top black cards in Modern and its ranking on our bestseller list only confirms the popularity of this card. Only time will tell on what list Fatal Push will show up next!

Fatal Push AER

Number 3: Counterspell – Modern Horizons 2

Everyone has seen this Counterspell coming from a mile away! Thankfully, it didn’t target the number 2 on this list. This is the second card from Modern Horizons 2 in the Uncommons slot, and unfortunately also the last.

Counterspell MH2

Number 2: Sol Ring – Commander: Ikoria

Surprise! Sol Ring is not the number 1 this time. What stands out from this Sol Ring from Commander: Ikoria is its subtle nuances in the blue and green colors which give it this atypical splendor that other Sol Rings miss… Nah, just kidding, it looks the same.

Sol Ring C20

Number 1: Narset, Parter of Veils – War of the Spark

The first place goes to Narset, Parter of Veils! One of many “newish” Uncommon Planeswalkers, but the only one making it into the Top 5. If you are not sure why Narset, Parter of Veils is the number 1 on this list, maybe a look into the deck list of Christian Binder from our Legacy 1k Event might lighten things up a little. Narset is a strong Planeswalker for sees play not only in Legacy, but also in Modern and probably Commander anyhow.

Narset, Parter of Veils WAR

Top 5 Rare Sales

Now we are getting to the juicy rarity territory! Although the Rares in this category might not be as unforeseen as in other categories, the number 1 sure is… crushing it.

Number 5: Thoughtseize – Theros

We know already by now that Thoughtseize is THE card in Modern right now, especially when it comes to the top black cards in Modern. The artwork from Theros is especially standing out from the rest of the reprints, no wonder it was one of the bestselling Rares of 2021.

Thoughtseize THS

Number 4: Exotic Orchard – Commander: Ikoria

There’s a reason Exotic Orchard gets reprinted in every Commander deck, and it’s probably the same reason why this card is on this list: It’s a pretty affordable and good land for multiplayer games. That’s it!

Exotic Orchard C20

Number 3: Inspiring Vantage – Kaladesh

Another land makes its way through our bestselling Rares, but this time it’s a little bit of a “wild card”. Inspiring Vantage from Kaladesh is the only land from the fast land cycle (including the ones from Scars of Mirrodin) to make it into the list.

Inspiring Vantage KLD

Number 2: Windswept Heath & Wooded Foothills – Khans of Tarkir

We are going to give the second place to this beautiful couple of lands. Windswept Heath and Wooded Foothills from Khans of Tarkir are no surprise, although it’s odd that they left the other Fetches at home. Maybe next time!

Number 1: Bonecrusher Giant – Throne of Eldraine

Finally, a nonland card takes the helm: Bonecrusher Giant. He stomped his way right to the top and well… no one was brave enough to stop him! Maybe he’ll leave again in 2022 if nobody looks at him (on Cardmarket).

Bonecrusher Giant ELD

Top 5 Mythic Sales

The Crème de la Crème is here and ready to be presented to you. Although it might not be what you expected, each card is a step up from a simple Counterspell or Sol Ring from previous categories.

Number 5: Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver – Theros

Starting off strong with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver as our fifth place of last year’s bestselling Mythics. Ashiok was released in Theros and since then has never ever been reprinted. The exclusivity of this card might have driven more and more players to buy it while it is still affordable.

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver THS

Number 4: Chandra, Torch of Defiance & Past in Flames – Signature Spellbook: Chandra

Both Mythics from Signature Spellbook: Chandra made it to our list as well. Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Past in Flames both look stunning in their Spellbook version and deserve every attention they are getting!

Chandra, Torch of Defiance SS3

Past in Flames SS3

Number 3: Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger – Battle for Zendikar

A “Top Mythics List” would be nothing without mentioning at least one of the big Eldrazi, and for our list that will be Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. It truly is “a force as voracious as time itself” and maybe that is why so many people wanted to own a copy of this card.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger BFZ

Number 2: Weatherlight – Dominaria

Whoever speculated heavily on Vehicles last year was absolutely right to do so! Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty was a great addition to the already existing Vehicles. Unfortunately, Weatherlight was also part of the Neon Dynasty Commander decks, which might have reduced the price increase of that card a tiny bit.

Weatherlight DOM

Number 1: Sorin, Solemn Visitor – Khans of Tarkir

The Mythic that sold by far the most was Sorin, Solemn Visitor. With the popularity of Vampires rising even more last year with Innistrad: Crimson Vow, it was no surprise that some older Vampire cards would be the target of some newer Vampire players!

Sorin, Solemn Visitor KTK

Overall Top 5 & Honorable Mentions

To give you an idea how the cards performed in an interdisciplinary ranking, here are the overall Top 5 of our Cardmarket sales from the year 2021:

  1. Snow-Covered Lands – Modern Horizons

  2. Lotus Petal – Tempest

  3. Mystic Remora – Ice Age

  4. Seat of the Synod – Mirrodin

  5. Swamp (Version 1) – Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Other cards that sold extraordinarily well last year were Utopia Sprawl (Dissension), Mountain (Unstable) and Spreading Seas (Zendikar).

Spreading Seas ZEN Mountain UST Utopia Sprawl DIS

We hope you enjoyed this little trip through our sales history of 2021. We are already excited to see what cards will sell well this year, and especially which card will throw Bonecrusher Giant off his throne!