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The Lord of the Rings Pro Tour Report


Zen Takahashi is back with another tournament report! This time it's all about Lord of the Rings in Barcelona. In this detailed article, he goes over his draft preparations and the overall fantastic weekend with his team and friends.

The Lord of the Rings Pro Tour Report2023-09-05T12:01:45+02:00
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Modern Living End Primer


Zen Takahashi played Living End during the Lord of the Rings Pro Tour in Barcelona. Now he's ready to share some insights on this powerful Modern deck including the card choices, what hands to keep and how to sideboard against different opponents.

Modern Living End Primer2023-08-18T10:45:14+02:00
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Regional Championship Report – Sydney


Zen Takahashi played Mono White Humans in Pioneer during the Regional Championships in Sydney! Find out all about what deck he played, what useful tips and tricks he had up his sleeves and how it all went down in his latest article! Bonus insider info on where to get the best truffle pasta in Sydney!

Regional Championship Report – Sydney2023-07-07T10:11:18+02:00
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Pro Tour March of the Machine Tournament Report


Zen Takahashi writes about his experience during the Pro Tour in Minneapolis! Here you can read all about what deck he played, his preparation and a full report on the Pro Tour weekend with his team.

Pro Tour March of the Machine Tournament Report2023-07-03T12:45:18+02:00
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Rakdos in Standard


Our author Zen Takahashi competed at the Pro Tour in Minneapolis, shortly before re-qualifying for another Pro Tour. Both times he played Rakdos: Reanimator and Midrange! In his latest article, he compares both experiences and goes over each of the two decks in detail.

Rakdos in Standard2023-07-03T12:44:55+02:00
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Analysis on the March 2023 bans in MTG Legacy


In his latest article, Sven takes a closer look at the latest bannings in Legacy: Expressive Iteration and White Plume Adventurer. What follows are a historic analysis of the two beloved decks of the format, Izzet Delver and White Initiative, as well as a chronological evaluation of the most recent bannings in Legacy.

Analysis on the March 2023 bans in MTG Legacy2023-05-02T15:24:03+02:00
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Standard Grixis Midrange Primer


Zen won the Australasian Championship with his Standard Grixis Midrange deck a few days ago. Lucky for us, he didn't take a break and wrote an in-depth primer for the deck including sideboard tips and card choices for us! Prepare yourself for future Regional Championships or Qualifiers, because you'll be either playing this deck or playing against it.

Standard Grixis Midrange Primer2023-07-03T12:45:04+02:00
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Australasian Regional Championships Report


Zen Takahashi won the Australasian Championship and qualified for the Pro Tour and the World Championship! Now we are getting an in-depth look into how he prepared for the tournament and how the games played out in an old-fashioned tournament report.

Australasian Regional Championships Report2023-03-24T10:50:31+01:00
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Boros Burn in Modern


Our author Zen Takahashi is feeling nostalgic, so it was time for a break from Pioneer and time for Modern Burn, Modern Boros Burn, to be precise! As usual Zen gives you a detailed overview of the deck, nice tips and tricks on how to maneuver it around the Modern meta decks and a useful sideboarding options, based on his experience.

Boros Burn in Modern2023-03-17T10:24:07+01:00
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Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer


Zen Takahashi is not done with Pioneer yet! For the Regional Championschip in Sydney, he and his team of over 10 other players tested different decks extensively until they came up with their own twist on the popular Rakdos Midrange deck.

Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer2023-03-17T10:23:41+01:00
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