The Best Spot Removal in Commander


Today, we are taking a look at the best spot removal that Commander has to offer! We are going through different color categories from White to Colorless and see what they can bring to your EDH table. If you don't know what to add to your deck, get some inspiration here!

The Best Spot Removal in Commander2024-04-03T08:19:30+02:00
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Best Decks in Standard [March 2024]


Matej Zatlkaj got into the Pro Tour Top 8 twice and is now ready to help you do the same! Or at least help you wreak havoc at your next local Regional Championships. Read all about the best Standard archetypes, their strengths, weaknesses and how you can adjust them for your Standard meta!

Best Decks in Standard [March 2024]2024-03-18T08:27:15+01:00

Mono Red in Standard


The perfect preparation for our next Store Championship! Zen gives you all the information you need to win in Standard with Mono Red Aggro. As usual he gives you a small run down of the deck together with a lot of different sideboard guides against almost every meta deck of the format.

Mono Red in Standard2024-03-15T14:24:24+01:00
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Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer [Update]


Mistakes have been made and lessons have been learned, so it’s time for an update on Zen’s Rakdos Midrange deck in Pioneer. This time with a very detailed matchup guide on the current Pioneer Meta with sideboard options for each popular deck you’ll encounter.

Rakdos Midrange in Pioneer [Update]2023-12-07T09:50:57+01:00
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Winning Eternal Weekend Europe Vintage Championship


Our very own Lukas Schwendinger won the Eternal Weekend 2023 Vintage tournament in Prague, and now he's ready to spoil all his secrets and discoveries he made on the way. If you are playing the Eternal Weekend in Pittsburgh, this report will be worth your time!

Winning Eternal Weekend Europe Vintage Championship2023-11-30T14:15:12+01:00
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World Championships 2023 Report


Zen Takahashi is back with a full report of his time during the Magic: The Gathering World Championships 2023 in Las Vegas! Learn everything about his intense preparations, his great team, his tight schedule and tasty dinners.

World Championships 2023 Report2023-11-28T15:17:01+01:00

Old School Tournament 10-2023


A total of 22 old school players came to compete at our second 341 OLD SCHOOL tournament! Here are some impressions, gameplay footage, deck pictures and more!

Old School Tournament 10-20232023-11-27T11:32:51+01:00
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Rakdos Reanimator Guide [2023]


Zen Takahashi played Rakdos Reanimator at the Magic: The Gathering World Championships in Las Vegas! In his latest article, he goes in-depth about how to play the deck, what to look out for in popular matchups and explains how to make best use of The Cruelty of Gix.

Rakdos Reanimator Guide [2023]2023-11-28T10:22:46+01:00
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The Lord of the Rings Pro Tour Report


Zen Takahashi is back with another tournament report! This time it's all about Lord of the Rings in Barcelona. In this detailed article, he goes over his draft preparations and the overall fantastic weekend with his team and friends.

The Lord of the Rings Pro Tour Report2023-12-07T09:52:38+01:00
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