Charity Event 2022

Charity Event 2022

November 24, 2022

Author: Philippe Zens

On the weekend of November 18 and 19, 2022 we hosted a Charity Weekend to help support families with chronically ill children. We had the idea to organize a Commander and a Sealed tournament, where our community could buy Mystery Tickets (raffle tickets) to win all kinds of great prizes. The revenue of these tickets would then be donated to the “Stille Helden Aktion” of

One week later and here we are with some impressions of the tournaments and more!

Friday, November 18 – Commander Tournament

Our Charity Weekend started with two hours of free-to-play Commander, followed by a Commander tournament. Attendants paid an entry fee of 5 Euros and received one Mystery Ticket. The raffle tickets were also available to purchase and due to the turnout and the generosity of our players we already sold a large part of the ones that we have prepared.

The Mystery Tickets were a hit! Customers and employees couldn’t get enough of them, and we were able to sell a total of 307 Mystery Tickets. The prices for these Mystery Tickets were a combination of donations from Three for One Trading and our employees. There were nice single cards, a Brothers’ War set booster box, all kinds of boosters, promo cards, and 341 merch.

Every Mystery Ticket was a winner, and every buyer was guaranteed to go home with a price. Some did win big, some did win bigger! Here are some of the bigger winners of our event.

Saturday, November 19 – Sealed Tournament

The following day, our Charity Weekend continued with a Sealed Deck tournament, featuring the latest MtG expansion set, The Brothers’ War. The event started early on Saturday, but still attracted a number of charitably community members to compete for charity.

The Aftermath

After the weekend, over 70 players attended our Charity Events and bought a stunning number of 307 Mystery Tickets at the price of €5 each. The result was a total of €1535 plus an additional €150 from our backup fund. Hence, the total amount we were able to collect and donate was:


The donations went directly to the Stille Helden Aktion by and will be used to help families with chronically ill children to afford healthy and easy accessible grocery boxes.