Disney Lorcana Rules

Breaking News: Lorcana Gameplay leaked

Game Trade Magazine finally publishes Lorcana game rules

Author: Thomas Preyer

The months of waiting finally came to an end last night. On Twitter and Reddit, information from the upcoming issue of Game Trade Magazine about the gameplay was shared. Additionally, scans of the manual for the trading card game, which will be released in August, appeared on various accounts.

Edit: In the meantime, Ravensburger added some more information and helpful videos to their own website. You can find them here.

Overview of the most important rules:

  • The first player to collect 20 lore wins the game.
  • Your deck size is 60 cards.
  • Your deck can contain glimmers of Disney characters, items, songs and more.
  • Players can build their own deck from scratch with up to two inks (colors) or simply use one of the pre-made starter decks.
  • The game begins with both players drawing seven cards.
  • Each player draws one card per round. In the first round, you don’t draw a card.
  • Once per turn, you can convert a card to an ink, which you use to play other cards from your hand.
  • All cards have ink costs, which can be paid with the ink in your inkwell.
  • When it’s your turn, you can play characters, items, or actions.
  • Simply turn your Disney characters sideways to show that they are exerted, and you will receive the amount of lore indicated on their cards.
  • You can also exert your characters to challenge other characters and banish them. Only exerted characters can be challenged.
  • But remember, the ink has to dry, so characters will not be able to go on quests or challenge characters until the turn after they were played.

The rules of the game at a glance:

On the following screenshots, you can find the official game instructions from Ravensburger.

Game Trade Magazine – Look inside the magazine

In the following video, you will see more what is discussed in the GTM issue about Lorcana.