Enchanted Tour – Winter Edition 2024

Disney Lorcana – Enchanted Tour Coverage

February 2024

This Saturday, February 03, 2024, a total of 124 players competed in the very first Enchanted Tour hosted by Rarehuntershop and Three for One Trading. Players come from all over Europe: Hungary, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Ireland and the UK! This Enchanted Tour – Winter Edition 2024 is the first one of its kind, but there’s more to come!

The players are competing for many different prizes, from small booster prizes to big trophies and sealed displays of Disney Lorcana. As a little extra, Ravensburger supported the event with additional giveaways such as Disney puzzles, plushies and more.

Let’s start with a few impressions from the Enchanted Tour!

Impressions of the Enchanted Tour – Winter Edition 2024

(our very own Raphael, already registered and ready to go! Little did he know what was ahead of him…)

Event Structure

The Enchanted Tour is a constructed tournament with the following structure: The 124 competitors are playing 7 rounds of Swiss, followed by Top 16.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

1st place: Trophy, Enchanted Shere Khan, 6 Displays Rise of the Floodborn

2nd place: Trophy, Enchanted Shere Khan, 4 Displays Rise of the Floodborn

3rd place: Trophy, Enchanted Shere Khan, 3 Displays Rise of the Floodborn

4th place: 2 Displays Rise of the Floodborn

5th – 8th place: 1 Display Rise of the Floodborn

9th – 16th place: 12 Booster Rise of the Floodborn

30 non-cash prizes (promos, Disney board games, laptop, plush Stitch, etc.)

Tombola Winnings for Everyone

Together with Ravensburger, we organized a great tombola! Basically, every player got an additional chance for random goodies from Disney, as well as other random prizes. From gigantic Stitch plushies to single cards and boosters and even a laptop (sponsored by iNDiViQ), there was a lot to win, even if the tournament didn’t go the way you wanted.

More Impressions

The Top 16

(No, Stitch is not the 17th member of the Top 16, sorry!) 

The 16 best players of the Enchanted Tour – Winter Edition 2024 are…

Cree Gunning (Ireland – Amethyst/Ruby)

Christian Klaus (Austria – Amethyst/Ruby)

Luis Haas (Austria – Amethyst/Ruby)

Elie Vepierre (France – Sapphire/Ruby)

Levente Hibbey (Hungary – Emerald/Steel)

Paul Kronhardt (Germany – Amber/Steel)

Lukas Kaupa (Austria – Amethyst/Ruby)

Thomas Angelmahr (Austria – Sapphire/Steel)

Béla Balogh (Hungary – Amethyst/Ruby)

Vincent Pohl (Germany – Emerald/Steel)

Michel Grüner (Germany – Amethyst/Ruby)

Denis Conejo (Germany – Amethyst/Steel)

Carlos Gangkofner (Germany – Amethyst/Ruby)

Fabian Zimmermann (Austria – Amber/Amethyst)

Krisztián Varga (Hungary – Amethyst/Ruby)

Pavel Nefedov (Germany – Amber/Steel)

And the winner is…

After playing for roughly 14 hours, Béla Balogh from Hungary won the finals in a thrilling match against Pavel Nefedov from Germany! Third place goes to Lukas Kaupa from Austria after winning his game against Vincent Pohl.


Metagame Breakdown

Metagame Breakdown

We thank everyone who made it to our very first Enchanted Tour! This wouldn't have been such a great event if it wouldn't be for such a great community. Most of you already know it, but it's worth repeating: There will be an Enchanted Tour - Spring Edition! You can already register for it here.

We can't wait to see new and familiar faces on the second Enchanted Tour in May!