341 Goes 9394

Old School at Three For One Trading

April 2023

Last Friday, April 20, 2023, a total of 14 co-workers and friends competed at our first 341 Old School “0K”. This was an unofficial inhouse event, which means it wasn’t open for public. Who knows, if enough people are interested, maybe our next Old School tournament will be open for public!

Everyone at Three For One with an Old School deck met after hours for a few friendly games, with ranking. 

Pre-Tournament Shenanigans

Before we started playing, Mutsch and Sascha had time for a game of Pauper and we even played a bit of Disney Lorcana, which you can preorder here.

Rules and Deck Building Restrictions

For deck building, we played after Old School Swedish rules with Ravenna rulings, which means: Reprints (for example from Revised and Time Spiral) are allowed to be used in your deck as long as they had the OG artwork on them, for budget reasons. We were encouraged to keep the powerlevel at a “competitive prerelease level“, so some of us had to dumb it down, some of us had to clever up.

That means even the cheapest employees among us could build a deck on a budget and participate (and we.. ehm… they certainly did).

No Deck Lists, Only Deck Pictures

Most of us learned the hard way, that the real Old School players don’t make deck lists, they instead take pictures of the decks. So that’s what we did as well (not all of us though, but some)! But first, here’s a rundown of the metagame of our Old School evening:


Red/White Control

Blue/Red Burn

4 Colour Goodstuff




4 Colour Control

Red/Green Atog

Mono Red Burn

Mono White

Bolt and Bird

Mono Black

Red/Black Pestilence 

Blue/Red Burn

Red/Black Pestilence

Mono Red Burn

4 Color Control

Mono Black Aggro

Red/Green Atog


Bolt and Bird

Red/White Control

As you can see, it was a wild mix. Building a deck is easy, all you need to start is a Sol Ring, a Strip Mine and something to block those pesky Mishra’s Factory!

If you are interested in playing a few Old School games with your friends, be sure to check out our inventory of Vintage cards. There are also many more affordable cards available on Cardmarket. It’s easy to start, and the black sky is the limit!

Gameplay Impressions

Here are some impressions of the evening! We had a great time playing and the overall atmosphere was fantastic.

For this special occasion, Alex even donated his “claw” and we recored some gameplay footage (next time we’ll turn the camera the correct way).

Here are two games, can you spot all the misplays?

(For NSFW reasons the sound has been cut)

No Top 8, Only Winners

Everyone’s a winner

(Some closed eyes, some missing people. Sorry!)

As a special participation reward, Oli decided to gift us all a single Vintage card! Everyone was allowed to pick one, they ranged from a Fellwar Stone from The Dark, a Pendelhaven from Legends and 12 more cards.

That was not all, though! Timmy organised the winning price, which was a BETA Giant Growth. To make it even better/worse, we all had to sign it!

And who took it “home”?

Let me win and I will give you a raise.

(not an actual quote)


The person who took home the win and crushed every single one of his enemies/employees was none other than one of our CEOs:

Oliver Polak-Rottmann!

His winning prize is now on display at Three For One Trading headquarters. You can view it during your next visit in all its glory, because it now graces our trophy display!