Lukas Mutschlechner


Lukas Mutschlechner

  • Buyer

  • Buyer at EU events and in the local store

  • Customer service with a focus on the DACH region

  • Customer support during the entire sales process

  • Offer processing and collection evaluation

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • German, English, French, Italian


5 Facts about Lukas

  • Plays Magic since he was 11
  • Favorite Deck: Mill. Mill. Mill.
  • Favorite Card: Sanity Grinding
  • Biggest Magic Success: Winning a modern event with his “janky” Hivemind deck
  • Was a League of Legends Pro in Austria


In 2020, Lukas began training as a psychotherapist and he is also studying to become a teacher. Lukas, affectionately called ‘Mutsch’ by everyone here, started working in the buying team in 2021.

In addition to purchasing, he now also works in sales and marketing. You probably know him best from his social media appearances for the New Arrivals.

If you go to an RCQ or a Modern tournament in the Vienna area, there is a good chance that you will meet Lukas there. In addition, ‘Mutsch’ is also a big fan of cEDH and draft enthusiast.