Lukas Schwendinger

Team Lead Buying

Lukas Schwendinger

  • Team Lead Buying

  • Customer support B2B and key accounts

  • Organization of buying trips & events

  • High-end grading, authentication and pricing

  • English, German


5 Facts About Lukas

  • Works at Three For One Trading since: 2018
  • 1st Event as a buyer: Cardmarket Series in Rome, March 2018
  • Favorite Card: Death’s Shadow
  • Biggest Magic Success:
    • 1st place at the Eternal Weekend Prague Vintage Tournament
    • 12th place at Team Pro Tour Magic 25 with David Reitbauer
  • Gin-Lover


Lukas Schwendinger joined Three for One Trading in 2018 as a buyer and member of the event team for the Cardmarket Series in Rome. In his role as Senior Buyer, he was responsible for the organization and coordination of the team at numerous other events.

With the cancellation of all major MTG events in 2020 due to COVID-19, Lukas took over the management of purchasing at the Vienna location. Together with his experienced team of buying experts, he placed a special focus on meeting customer needs in terms of simplicity and transparency throughout the entire sales process.

Lukas can regularly be found at Magic tournaments such as the Regional Championships or Eternal Weekends as well as at the Three for One Trading booth at MagicCons.