Lukas Schwendinger

Team Lead Buying

Lukas Schwendinger

  • Team Lead Buying

  • Customer Service, Team Coordination, Events


5 Facts About Lukas

  • Works at Three For One Trading since: 2018
  • 1st Event as a Buyer: Cardmarket Series in Rome, March 2018
  • Favorite Card: Death’s Shadow
  • Biggest Magic Success: 1st place at the Eternal Weekend Prague Vintage Tournament, 12th place at Team Pro Tour Magic 25 with Felix Innauer and David Reitbauer
  • Gin-Lover


Lukas Schwendinger joined Three for One Trading as a buyer in 2018, where he was part of the Cardmarket Series Rome event team. Since then, he is a part of the organization of events and fairs. He coordinates the team on the ground at the event as well.

As the buying team lead, he makes sure that the team is prioritizing the customer’s need for convenience and transparency throughout their collection selling journey. To make that happen, he is responsible to adapt our processes to make it as easy as possible for customers interested in selling their Magic card collection.