Old School

Tournament 10-2023

Old School at Three For One Trading

October 2023

Last Friday, October 20, 2023, a total of 22 players competed at our second public 341 Old School Tournament. We played at the 341 Store in Vienna. Five rounds, best of three, after which every participant could pick a prize card from 22 vintage cards (carefully selected by our generous host and boss, Oli. Thanks!).

The winner of the tournament was awarded an Unlimited Lightning Bolt, signed by every player of the night!

Rules and Deck Building Restrictions

For deck building, we played according Old School Swedish rules with Ravenna rulings, which means: Reprints (for example from Revised and Time Spiral) are allowed to be used in your deck as long as they had the OG artwork on them, for budget reasons.

A limit of three Power Nine pieces were allowed, to keep the power of the decks at a budget friendly level.

Here are some of the decks that were played

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of every deck. If you want your deck to be displayed here, please send in the picture, guys ;)

Old School - Franscic
Old School - Leo
Old School - Lukas
Old School - Oliver
Old School - Philippe
Old School - Timmy
Old School - Ivo

Gameplay Impressions

Here are some impressions of the evening! We had a great time playing and the overall atmosphere was fantastic, again!

And the winner is…

Winner Old School 10-2023

The overall winner of the night got an Unlimited Lightning Bolt, signed by every participant! After that, every player was allowed to one single Vintage card. Thanks, Oli!

Congratulations on taking home the win, Guillermo!