Sebastian Witta

Branch Manager

Sebastian Witta

  • Branch Manager

  • Store, Events


5 Facts About Sebastian

  • Has been playing Commander for 7 years and cEDH for 4 years
  • Favorite format: cEDH
  • Likes to trash his kitchen and calls it “cooking” or “baking”
  • Greatest strength/weakness at the Magic table: Likes to lean into politics too much
  • Big board game fan


Sebastian originally comes from the banking and finance sector. He began his career at Erste Bank in 2010 and successfully completed his training in the areas of securities investment and residential construction financing.

Sebastian discovered Magic back when Urza’s Saga released, when he was making the trade tables unsafe with his Shivan Dragons during lunch breaks at school. He took a longer break from the game in 2005 before returning in 2016 thanks to Commander.

Since then, he has been passionate about playing EDH and cEDH. He has been visiting Three for One Trading as a player since 2021, until he switched “sides” at the beginning of 2024 and took on the position of branch manager.