Ricardo Silva


Ricardo Silva

  • Trips & Events in EU and US

  • Individual customer visits

  • Support for US and UK customers

  • Purchase of high-end collections and rare products

  • German, English, Portuguese, Spanish


5 Facts about Ricardo

  • Plays Magic since: 2002
  • First Magic Set: Onslaught
  • Favorite Card: Kethis, the Hidden Hand
  • Biggest Magic Success: Pro Tour Chicago 2024 – Day 2
  • Whiskey connoisseur


Ricardo has been part of the team at Three for One Trading since 2021. He has lived in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe, so it’s not a big surprise that he graduated in Portugal in Tourism Management.

He started his career at Three for One Trading in the stock management team. In this role and through his many years of experience as a Magic player, he was able to acquire extensive knowledge of most individual cards and various additional products in the space. Thanks to this knowledge, he is able to provide our customers with optimal support in purchasing at all levels of their sales process.

Ricardo speaks German, English, Spanish and Portuguese and can therefore assist many of our customers with their sales in their own language. This includes, preparing quotations, purchasing at events and visiting customers on site.

His passion for Magic is as big as ever, and he is particularly fond of limited formats. In 2024, he was able to prove his skills as a player in his first Pro Tour in Chicago.