Why is it called Three for One Trading?

How we got our name

At the 341CON in Graz we’ve been asked over and over again:

“Why are you guys called Three for One Trading?”

That’s indeed a very good question. Not only because we asked it in our sweepstakes at the event. Yes, a bunch of you knew the correct answer. Some of you had a feeling of where it might be coming from. Anyhow. Are you ready for the answer?

And the answer is…

Our company name is a reference to the five card 1 mana circle of Magic cards that were first printed back in Alpha. We are sure you can name the five, but here they are:

Healing Salve, Ancestral Recall, Dark Ritual, Lightning Bolt and Giant Growth

Three For One Magickarten.jpg

All of them, when played, give you three of something for just one mana. That’s what one would call a good deal. Admittedly, some, like Ancestral Recall, give you a much better deal than let’s say Healing Salve.

The Philosophy Behind The Name

Our name reflects on how we want to be and be seen as a MTG retailer. Someone where one can get a good deal. And a good experience. Every time. Period.

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Your Three for One Trading Team