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World Championships 2023 Report


Zen Takahashi is back with a full report of his time during the Magic: The Gathering World Championships 2023 in Las Vegas! Learn everything about his intense preparations, his great team, his tight schedule and tasty dinners.

World Championships 2023 Report2023-11-28T15:17:01+01:00

From the Vault: Pro Tour London 1999


Do not read on if you are allergic to dust! Today, we go back in time to bring you a Pro Tour tournament report from 1999. This is from 22 years ago and written by our now Marketing guy, Thomas Preyer. Follow him on his adventures at this very first Pro Tour., which was Urza Block Booster Draft.

From the Vault: Pro Tour London 19992022-08-02T15:13:32+02:00

The First Decision – Play or Draw in Draft and Sealed


Nico Bohny is covering a question Magic the Gathering Limited Players have been asking themselves since forever: Play or Draw? He will help you come up with an informed decision in both Booster Draft and Sealed Deck play.

The First Decision – Play or Draw in Draft and Sealed2022-11-04T13:40:40+01:00
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