The Top 10 most expensive Magic Cards on Cardmarket

The most valuable Magic cards in 2023

Note: This post was published for the first time in October 2020 and updated on May 27, 2021. We have now updated it to reflect the current situation on Cardmarket.

Last update: May 15, 2023

There are quite a lot of rare and expensive Magic: The Gathering trading cards out there. I mean, the game has a long history. Most of you probably immediately think of Black Lotusthe game’s most iconic card.

Apart from the “auto-include in your vintage Magic deck” zero mana artifact, the so-called Reserved list is home to a lot of cards that are equally rare and valuable. Over the last years especially the Moxen, Ancestral Recall and Time Walk went up in price quite significantly.

The Reserved list is a list of cards that Wizards of the Coast committed to never reprint. The main reason was and is to retain the value of those cards on the secondary market. The list was introduced in 1996 and revised in 2002 and 2010.

Beta Booster

These very rare cards were first printed in Alpha and only reprinted in the following sets, Beta and Unlimited.

They are not only rare but also very powerful. Therefore, you are only allowed to play them in the Vintage format. They are restricted too, so also only one copy can be in your deck.

Supply and Demand

We all know that the market forces, supply and demand, decide over the price of a certain Magic trading card.

On the one hand, there are popular cards, played in many decks and formats, that are highly sought-after. On the other hand, there are cards that have been printed in very small quantities, and that’s the reason players and collectors want to own them.

Special Print Runs

One of the best known cards that was never printed in a regular set of Magic, is the World Champion 1996.  The card was given to Tom Chanpheng for winning the Magic World Championships. There is only one copy, as the other copies from the print run have been destroyed.

1996 World Champion

Tom sold it in 2001 to a private collector for $17.500. Sure, a piece of Magic history has its price tag. Richard Garfield, the game’s creator, has frequently issued special cards in small quantities to commemorate personal life events. Stay tuned, some have made our Top 10 of Cardmarket’s most expensive Magic cards.


Misprints can be evenly rare and frequently come with a hefty price tag. For some examples, take a look at the misprints in our high-end online shop.

Summer Magic

Some of the most expensive cards come from an Edition called “Summer Magic”. But why is that?

Revised Edition, the successor to Unlimited, had a number of problems.

Therefore, they decided to release a complete makeover – Unlimited. The new print run was code-named “Edgar”. Nowadays, mostly and well known as Summer Magic. Sadly, this new print run was also full of mistakes. Before noticing them, about 40 booster boxes were shipped to retailers.

These booster packs contained not only green cards whose text was almost unreadable, but also some of the most expensive misprints in Magic‘s history. What makes the set interesting to collectors is the sheer rarity and scarcity of those cards. The consensus among the community is, that Rares from Summer Magic are rarer than Rares from Alpha, Magics first edition.

Now you are maybe asking yourself how to identify those legendary Summer Magic cards? Well, that is actually not that hard.

The card has to be white bordered and in English. The Copyright text has to be in white, in one line and contain the year 1994.

What are you waiting for? Start browsing your Revised cards and maybe you can find a hidden gem!

The Top 10

Compiling a list of the most valuable Magic cards is hard. Where do one start? Some special print run cards are unique and don’t really have a market price.

Therefore, we decided to only list cards that have “real” prices and can actually be bought. And where would be a better place to look up those cards and prices, than Europe’s biggest Magic cards marketplace, Cardmarket? We will always list the cheapest version of the card (and on some occassions the price for a copy in “good” condition).

Without further ado, this is the top 10 of Cardmarket’s most expensive Magic: The Gathering trading cards in 2023!

Data was taken on May 15, 2023

Honorable Mentions

from 10.590,00 Euro (Excellent)

Chaos Orb Alpha

There are currently only two Chaos Orb from Alpha available on Cardmarket. Its scarcity as well as playability in Old School for being a versatile Removal All-Star in every deck is pushing its price almost into our Top 10.

from 10.000,00 Euro (Near Mint)

Summer Magic Hurricane

The equivalent of the blue Mauritius “Post Office” stamp in the Magic universe is this blue version of Hurricane. The price tag of roughly 10k Euro makes this misprint the most expensive misprint ever.

10th Place

from 10.500,00 Euro (Mint)

Summer Magic Shivan Dragon

Our first Top 10 card of the list is none other than the Shivan Dragon from Summer Magic! There are currently only two in incredible condition for sale. If they are really MINT, then that price might be correct!

9th Place

from 10.900,00 Euro (Played)

Mox Pearl Alpha

The most expensive Mox Pearl available on Cardmarket currently sits at €38.900,00. That’s mainly because it’s a BGS graded 9.5. Good luck finding a better looking one!

Looking for, perhaps cheaper versions, of the card? You can find them here, in our store.

8th Place

from 10.999,99 Euro (Poor)

Ancestral Recall Alpha

One of those vintage format must haves and one of the original “Three for One” cards that are the origin of our company name. Learn more about the story of our company name here.

If you are looking for a true highlight, then you should check out the Near Mint versions of the mother of all draw spells. The price starts at 25.000,00 Euro.

7th Place

from 11.990,00 Euro (Mint)

Wheel of Fortune Summer Magic

Another Summer Magic card made the list! This time it’s another Old School favorite for any deck that plays Red: Wheel of Fortune. There’s currently only one available, who knows if it will sell at the current price?

6th Place

from 11.999,00 Euro (Light Played)

Timetwister Alpha

The only Power 9 card that is legal to play anywhere outside of Vintage and Old School is Timetwister. Where? In Commander. As we all know, Commander and EDH are hugely popular and therefore is the blue three mana sorcery. Looking for a treat? Keep an eye on the Near Mint 9.5 version that sells for 119k on Cardmarket.

5th Place

from 15.000,00 Euro (Poor)

Black Lotus Beta

It doesn’t really matter from what set a Black Lotus is. This card will always have a market, and it commandeers for a high price. Black bordered flowers are even more expensive than their Unlimited cousins. Let’s see what we have: A Good graded Lotus at 38.000 Euro and a Near Mint graded 9.5 for 150k.

Tip: Check your account balance before moving these to your shopping card

4th Place

from 17.894,74 Euro (Excellent)

Volcanic Island Summer Magic

In the past years, there was always a Summer Magic Dual Land in our Top 10. Oftentimes it was Underground Sea, but not this time. This time it is Volcanic Island! Again, there’s only one for sale, better be quick.

3th Place

from 18.900,00 Euro (Mint)

Black Lotus 30th Front

We can guarantee you, that this is not an out of season April Fools’ joke. The third most expensive card right now on Cardmarket is a Black Lotus from Magic’s 30th Anniversary Edition, and it is more expensive than the cheapest Beta Lotus. Only time will tell if it will really sell for that price.

2nd Place

from 30.000,00 Euro (Poor)

Black Lotus Alpha

Our second place goes to a real Magic card, the OG, the one and only: Alpha Black Lotus! A BGS 9.5 is currently selling for almost half a million Euros, or maybe you can trade it for roughly 24 third place cards?

1st Place

from 59.000,00 Euro (Light Played)

Fraternal Exaltation Promo

This card that was created for a special occasion by Richard Garfield. The print run consisted of only 220 copies. Fraternal Extraction was never released for sale and just handed out to family, friends and fellow Wizards of the Coast co-workers. This was also the case for Splendid Genesis, which didn’t make our Top 10 this year.


Data was taken on May 19, 2021

Honorable Mentions

The Honorable Mentions include two cards that almost made the list of 2021.

Vesuvan Doppelganger – Alpha from 9,499.00 Euro (Excellent)

Vesuvan Doppelganger Alpha

Mox Jet – Alpha from 13,999.99 Euro (Good)

Mox Jet Alpha

Places Ten to Four

The most expensive Magic cards on Cardmarket of 2021 are very much influenced by the overall high Alpha prices. Eight out of ten cards are from Alpha, but the first place did not go to a Lotus!

10th Place: Time Walk – Alpha from 15,000.00 Euro (Poor)

9th Place: Ancestral Recall – Alpha from 16,000.00 Euro (Poor)

8th Place: Mox Pearl – Alpha from 16,000.00 Euro (Good)

7th Place: Timetwister – Alpha from 18,000.00 Euro (Good)

6th Place: Mox Ruby – Alpha from from 20,000.00 Euro (Played)

5th Place: Stasis – Alpha from 20,000.00 Euro (Excellent)

4th Place: Black Lotus – Beta from 21,000.00 Euro (Poor)

Top 3

The three most expensive cards on Cardmarket in 2021 all deserve a place in the top 3! Not only that, but the Alpha Black Lotus from 2020 has been dethroned by a very close relative!

Underground Sea – Summer Magic from 29,999.00 Euro (Near Mint)

3th Place

Underground Sea Summer Magic

Black Lotus – Alpha from 21,000.00 Euro (Poor)

2nd Place

Black Lotus Alpha

Mox Sapphire – Alpha from 50,000,00 Euro (Near Mint)

1st Place

Mox Sapphire Alpha


Data was taken on October 9, 2020

Honorable Mentions

The Honorable Mentions include two cards that almost made the list of 2020.

Time Walk – Alpha from 5,499.95 Euro

Time Walk Alpha

Ancestral Recall (Alpha) from 5,750.00 Euro

Ancestral Recall Alpha

Places Ten to Four

The most expensive Magic cards on Cardmarket of 2020 have been highly impacted by Summer Magic. A total of 4 Summer Magic cards made it into the Top 10 of 2020, which makes it the overall most expensive set on the list.

10th Place: Mox Sapphire – Alpha from 5,999.00 Euro

9th Place: Hurricane – Summer Magic from 6,900.00 Euro

8th Place: Tropical Island – Summer Magic from from 6,999.00 Euro

7th Place: Splendid Genesis from 7,989.00 Euro

6th Place: Volcanic Island – Summer Magic from 10.000,00 Euro

5th Place: Timetwister – Alpha from 12,999.00 Euro

4th Place: Black Lotus – Beta from 13,000.00 Euro

Top 3

The three most expensive cards on Cardmarket in 2020 are thankfully not all from Summer Magic! The Alpha Black Lotus takes its rightful place on the throne of the most expensive cards in 2020.

Underground Sea – Summer Magic from 13,999.00 Euro

3th Place

Underground Sea Summer Magic

Fraternal Exaltation from 19,789.00 Euro

2nd Place

Fraternal Exaltation Promo

Black Lotus – Alpha from from 31,190.00 Euro

1st Place

Black Lotus Alpha