Most Sold Magic Cards in 2022

The best selling MtG Cards of 2022

Our Most Sold MtG Cards On Cardmarket

In one of our latest articles, we already showed you how much fun we had last year, but we also did get some work done! Now it’s time to share some of the results with you: Which Magic: The Gathering cards sold most in 2022?

If you need a comparison, please feel free to check out our article about the most sold cards in 2021.

One “small” fact before we start with the list: In 2022 we sold over 275.000 single cards, quite impressive!

Top 5 Token Sales

Like last year, we’ll start with Tokens and work our way through the Basic Lands and different rarities after that.

You’ll never really know what will show up in these categories (Commander player be crazy), so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Number 5: Goblin Token (Unglued)

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see Goblin token as one of the most sold token of the year. Players need a lot of them and they always get destroyed! The full art tokens from Unglued are one of the first of their kind and especially sought-after.

Goblin Token UGL

Number 4: The Initiative // Undercity (Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate)

We are cheating a bit with this entry, but where else to put the new dungeons from Battle for Baldur’s Gate? The Initiative // Undercity has gotten its own deck archetype in Legacy with Mono White Initiative, which would explain its popularity.

Number 3: Dragon Token (Alara Reborn)

These Dragon token with flying and devour 2 are exclusively used for Dragon Brootmother. Why it has sold so much? Only Commander players know!

Dragon Token TAR

Number 2: Pegasus Token (Unglued)

The Pegasus token from Unglued has been on place number 3 of last year’s list. It’s only rising in popularity, and who can blame our customers?! It’s absolutely stunning!

Pegasus Token UGL

Number 1: Snake // Zombie Token (Commander Collection: Black)

Zombie tokens are very popular, but there’s also a wide range of them to chose from. For example, our very own 341 token! What’s a bit weirder are the black Snake tokens with deathtouch. Only on creature produces them, and that’s Ophiomancer. Maybe we’ll see her further down the list?

Zombie Token CC2

Top 5 Basic Land Sales

Next are the Basic Lands! We all need them, we all want them, and Wizards of the Coast made sure to print a bunch of different ones over the last year. Find out if any of the new full art Basics made the list!

Number 5: Plains (Unsanctioned)

Just like the tokens from Unglued, we have some very popular Basic Lands in the Un-sets. One of them this year are the Plains from Unsanctioned.

Number 4: Forest (Unstable)

The Un-streak continues with Unstable. This time it’s the full art Forests our customers couldn’t get enough from! We still have some, if you want that beautiful John Avon Forest in your deck, too.

Number 3: Mountain (Unsanctioned)

Place 3 takes another Unsanctioned Basic Land. This time it’s a Mountain.

Number 2: Snow-Covered Lands (Modern Horizons)

Our place number 1 from 2021 dropped down a slot! The Snow-Covered Lands from Modern Horizons are not any more on the top spot, but still very popular for many reasons.

Number 1: Full Art Lands (Theros Beyond Death)

Last year the Theros Beyond Death full art Basics have only been number 3, but today they take home the Gold. Why are they so popular? Aesthetics, the artwork or maybe the price?

Top 5 Common Sales

And we are on to “the real cards”, starting with Commons! It will be a bit awkward, because this category includes OG rarities. Some cards got reprints with a different rarity over the years, but we’ll look at each set and rarity individually.

Number 5: Brainstorm (Ice Age)

Our first Common is the original Brainstorm! A well deserved spot for such a beautiful and powerful card.

Brainstorm ICE

Number 4: Fyndhorn Elves (Ice Age)

The younger brother of Llanowar Elves takes its place in the spotlight: Fyndhorn Elves! Another card from Ice Age, and probably not the last *wink*

Number 3: Hydroblast (Ice Age)

Ice Age is taking the Common category by storm, with a Sideboard favorite being on 3rd place. Congratulations to Hydroblast!

Number 2: Mystic Remora (Ice Age)

Can’t forget about Mystic Remora! It’s a rare in every other reprint, but in our Cardmarket sales the Remora from Ice Age is a Common. Cheater…

Mystic Remora ICE

Number 1: Seat of the Synod & Vault of Whispers (Mirrodin)

Time for the Ice Age era to end and the age of metal to begin! The winners of our Common category of 2022 are Seat of the Synod and Vault of Whispers. The other OG artifact lands didn’t make it, but these two stand strong among the other Commons.

Top 5 Uncommon Sales

It’s getting juicier, Uncommons are next! Last year, some of the most popular Uncommons have been Counterspell and Fatal Push. Will we see them again?

Number 5: Skullclamp (Darksteel)

Skullclamp has started gaining popularity again. Or rather, it was always popular, but we sold more other cards last year. Anyhow, it’s now on place 5!

Skullclamp DST

Number 4: Fellwar Stone (Commander: Streets of New Capenna)

Fellwar Stone is not only an Oldschool favorite, but also a Commander favorite. For some reason, especially the copy from Streets of New Capenna is loved more than others. Probably a coincidence, but it was enough to make it our fourth most sold Uncommon!

Fellware Stone NCC

Number 3: Narset, Parter of Veils (War of the Spark)

Narset, Parter of Veils was the most sold Uncommon of 2021 but not anymore! What monster of card could have thrown her off the throne?

Number 2: Arcane Signet (Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate)

Seems like we’ve got way more Commander players since 2021 OR way more decks are being build in 2022. Anyhow, Commander players are dominating the Uncommon sales. Thanks guys!

Arcane Signet CLB

Number 1: Sol Ring (Commander: Streets of New Capenna and others)

The Sol Ring from Streets of New Capenna is the most sold Uncommon of 2022! Not only that, but many other copies made their way into the Top 10. We are bundling them up in the 1st place since the list would be quite boring otherwise.

Sol Ring NCC

Top 5 Rare Sales

The eponym of rarity is next: Rares! We don’t want to spoil it, but we can give you one little hint. Bonecrusher Giant is not our number 1 anymore, but who is?

Number 5: Professional Face-Breaker (Streets of New Capenna)

Some people might have been a bit too hyped about Professional Face-Breaker and bought a bunch on the release of Streets of New Capenna. The card remains a decent Commander card, a well deserved place!

Professional Face-Breaker SNC

Number 4: Abrupt Decay (Return to Ravnica)

Abrupt Decay is a cheap, but strong removal and is played all over the board. No wonder it gets a place as one of our most sold Rares on Cardmarket.

Number 3: Bloodstained Mire (Khans of Tarkir)

Last year, Windswept Heath and Wooded Foothills were among the most sold Rares of the year. This time, Bloodstained Mire is the only Fetchland that made the list!

Number 2: Assassin’s Trophy (Guilds of Ravnica)

It’s the same thing for Assassin’s Trophy than for Abrupt Decay: Good, cheap removal. Why wouldn’t you get yourself a copy? You are in luck, we are still not sold out on Cardmarket!

Assassins Trophy GRN

Number 1: Irrigated Farmland (Amonkhet)

Last year we had Fetch lands, Fast lands and even an Exotic Orchard on the list! This time we have Irrigated Farmland on the 1st place, which is exotic in itself.

Top 5 Mythic Sales

Time to end our little Cardmarket 2022 review with the Mythics. It’s a selection of great staples and one niche winner. Check it out!

Number 5: Nullhide Ferox (Guilds of Ravnica)

We are starting with a great one: Nullhide Ferox! A bit of an underdog… bear, but a really strong threat which makes every removal that wants to get rid of him cost two mana more, kinda.

Nullhide Ferox GRN

Number 4: Ghoulcaller Gisa (Commander Collection: Black)

Next on the list is Ghoulcaller Gisa. Fantastic EDH Zombie Token maker, only available in Commander 2014, Jumpstart and Commander Collection: Black.

Number 3: Liliana, Heretical Healer // Liliana, Defiant Necromancer (Commander Collection: Black)

Third place is also from Commander Collection: Black! Guess people couldn’t get enough of the Commander Collection, with Liliana, Heretical Healer being up in there as well!

Number 2: Oko, Thief of Crowns (Throne of Eldraine)

Oko, Thief of Crowns did not reach the ladder in 2021 but this year he jumped right up to the second place of our most sold Mythics! Not really a card we should be surprised to see here, although the competition is fierce.

Number 1: Maze’s End (Prerelease Promo)

We do love an unexpected win! The Prerelease Promo of Maze’s End is our most sold Mythic of 2022. Guess Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate wasn’t so bad after all, at least for some deck builders out there and their Gate decks!

Thanks For Your Support

We wouldn’t be able to sell that many cards without all our loyal customers, and we are very grateful that you decided to buy all these wonderful cards from us.

Let’s see what top sellers 2023 will bring!