2022 at Three For One Trading

2022 Year in Review

January 05, 2021

Author: Philippe Zens

2022 was a blast for everyone at Three For One Trading, and we’d like to review the past year together with you! The year was packed with fun activities and amazing events.

New Members of the 341 Team

Three for One Trading is growing bigger and bigger every year. The new colleagues that joined us in 2022 are already an established part of the team now, but we still want to take a look back at who actually joined us in the last year:

Marc Fournier

Marc G-F Fournier

Marc joined us in early 2022 and is now responsible for stock optimization. If you attend our regular Commander tournaments, you have probably already played a game or two with him. You can read more about Marc on his profile.

Maximilian Schuchbaur

Maximilian Schuchbaur

Max joined us towards the end of 2022. He’s now supporting our team with fulfilling Cardmarket orders. Hopefully we’ll all get to know him a little better, so we can update his team profile!

Leopold Götzinger

Leopold Götzinger

Leo started working in our Listing department in January 2022. Just like Marc, he’s also a regular at our Commander events! Check out his profile.

Raphael Watschinger

Raphael Watschinger

Raphael joined us almost at the same time as Max. He’s now also working in the Shipping team. With a bit of chance, you might match up with him on one of our 341 Modern 1K events. His profile will be ready soon, too.

Philippe Zens

Philippe Zens

Hey, that’s me! I joined the marketing team in January 2022, which means my one-year anniversary is just around the corner! You can find my profile here.

Welcome everybody, see you on Monday!

We Are WPN Premium

WPN Premium

Not only did we upgrade our company with new co-workers, we also upgraded our store in Vienna from WPN to WPN Premium! That means starting last year, we can offer you special promo cards, exclusive events such as Commander Parties. Additionally, we get exclusive product that we can forward to our customers or put on display for everyone to enjoy.

Reaching the status of WPN Premium has been a big goal for us, and we are very thankful for your help along the way!

Team Events

With our new members ready to work and WPN Premium achieved, it’s time to take a break! Our bosses (David, Oli and Wenzel) planned a number of great team events for us. They were mostly related to playing Magic, but some were not (still awesome).


One of our biggest team events last year was our (Indoor-)Skydiving adventure. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Skydiving 1
Skydiving 2
Skydiving 3
Skydiving 4
Skydiving 5
Skydiving 6

Inhouse Prereleases

We had several internal Prerelease events this year. Among others, we played small sealed tournaments with Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Streets of New Capenna, Dominaria United and The Brothers’ War. They were quite popular among all of us, because the events were free of charge with free drinks and sometimes pizza!

(no pictures, everyone was busy reading and trying to understand what the new cards actually do. Edit: Oh wait, we have a Reel from the BRO Inhosue Prerelease)

Old School Hype

In addition to our Inhouse Prereleases, we couldn’t get enough of Magic! That’s why Ivo came up with the fantastic idea to start playing Old School. Not going to spoil anything for you, but that idea took off like wildfire, and more than half of us are now piloting our own Homebrew Old School decks. If you want any “budget” deck lists, let us know.

Oldschool 2
Oldschool 1

Our First Charity Event

A special highlight of the year was also our first (and certainly not last) Charity Tournament. At one of our regular meetings, Francisc came up with the idea and with a bit of help from everyone, the tournament became a great success. The plan was to make it a combination of Commander & Draft tournaments, because literally everyone either plays Commander and/or Draft.

We sold Mystery Lottery Tickets (each one a winner), with cool prices like different promo packs to a full Draft Booster Box of The Brothers’ War! The profit from these tickets went to charity organization “Stille Helden Aktion” of Gaumenfest.at.

Read all about our Charity Tournament in its very own blog post!

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our generous customers, thank you!

New Website & New Webshop

A big project this year was the update to our Website and Webshop. We wanted to have our customers have an easier time to navigate through our cards, our articles and easily find the right way to sell their cards.

If you are having a hard time remembering how it all looked before the changes or never saw the old websites, here are some before and after screenshots, enjoy!

Website OldWebsite New

Our Very Own Tokens and Playmat

The title already takes it away, but we got new playmats and our very own tokens in 2022. They have all been designed by the very talented Florian Hochwarter.

If you are interested in purchasing our 341 merchandise, then we have good news for you!

341 Token

341 Playmat

How Many Black Lotus Did We Sell?

By now, everyone knows that we buy and sell Magic: The Gathering cards, many of them are valuable collectibles. The most well-known MTG trading card is of course THE Black Lotus, which we regularly buy and sell. But how often do you think?

How many Black Lotus did we sell in 2022?


The Black Lotus is of course not the only card we sold in 2022. Overall 2022 has been a great year for Magic, and we have been very busy buying old product, cracking new sets and, of course, selling you exactly the cards you need for your deck or collection.

We also sold a lot of cards on Cardmarket (not including the high-end cards sold from our Online Shop) roughly 30k – 40k cards per month, which means 420,000 individual cards were sold in 2022. That’s approximately 60,000 more cards than we sold in 2021!

Google Reviews

All this hard work of buying, selling, sorting and promoting cards paid off, and we are really proud to announce that we reached over 200 5-star reviews on Google in 2022! Who knows, maybe we will crack the 300 milestone in 2023?

Be sure to leave a review, thank you!

New Cards Each Week

In 2022, Sales and Marketing teamed up on our weekly New Arrivals Drop. For those of you who don’t know our New Arrivals, yet:

The New Arrival Drop happens every Wednesday at 4 PM. You can either follow us on Social Media (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) or , even better, join the e-mail list here. That way, we can inform you each week about the new cards in our High-end Online Store. You are looking for a NM FBB Volcanic Island in German, but don’t want to miss it when it gets available? The New Arrivals Drop will keep you up-to-date!

Through social media and our newsletter, you’ll get linked directly to a blog post where each and every new card is listed. We are even showing you the cards through TikTok and Instagram reels. That way, you can get a closer look at the goods:

Visiting MTG Events

Although Corona was still running wild earlier last year, we were able to visit many events in 2022. Many more than in 2021, that’s for sure. It was a lot of fun to talk and trade with each of you, and rest assured: We will be back in 2023! It’s always a highlight for our employees to be able to make these kinds of trips and visit these amazing events.

Here is a list of all the great events we were able to be at:

  • BeComics (Padova, Italy)
  • LevelUp / Tier1Con (Malmö, Sweden)
  • LMS (Bologna, Italy)
  • LMS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Spiel (Essen, Germany)
  • 4Seasons (Bologna, Italy)
Events 1
Events 2

The first event that we will be visiting in 2023 is the LMS in Prague, March 31 to April 1. See you there!


We have also been cooperating with great content creators and other event hosts by sponsoring their fantastic projects. Among others were the European Legacy Masters (ELM) 2022 Tournament as well as the Youtubers Boshnroll and HarryMTG!


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Thanks for working with us!

Starting out on TikTok

Those of you who follow us for a while know that we are posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Since the social media landscape is evolving, we are trying our best to keep up with the new trends. Hence, we started posting on TikTok in September 2022. We are still experimenting and trying things out, so feedback and follows are very welcome.

Christmas at 341 Trading

One of the highlights of the year was of course the office Christmas party! We were having welcome drinks at the store, followed up with a presentation by David, Oli and Wenzel about what happened in 2022. After that, we were ready to hit the restaurant (Rosnovsky, for those of you who want to try out excellent Austrian cuisine). We wined and dined like kings, and then we were surprised with a suprise Jumpstart 2022 tournament.

The rules were simple: Everyone gets 4 Jumpstart booster, crack two and pick your opponent. The winner decides which of the decks he keeps, and the leftover deck comes into the pot. The loser cracks his 2 leftover boosters and picks a new opponent. Rinse and repeat until only one person with one deck is standing. The winner gets to keep all the cards.

In our case, the lucky (and skillful) Jumpstart winner was Mutsch. Congrats, I guess you are now our new boss?!

Christmas 2022 1
Christmas 2022 2
Christmas 2022 3

2023 Awaits!


2023 will bring many new opportunities for everyone involved with Magic: The Gathering, be it as players, collectors, traders or local game stores. We are very thankful that we will be experiencing the new products and new events together with our loyal customers and the new ones we will be meeting in 2023!