Most Sold Magic Cards in 2023

The best-selling MtG Cards of 2023

Our Most Sold MtG Cards On Cardmarket

It’s that time of the year again! We’ll take a look back at the numbers from last year to see what cards sold the most on Cardmarket. We’ll structure this similar to last year, which means this will be the order of things:


Basic Lands





Overall, we sold more than 500,000 cards in 2023, which we are really proud of! This means, our Cardmarket team handled more than 200 orders each day, with an average of 10 cards per order. Let’s break this down even further: Each day, 2,000 cards need to be picked from our inventory of (currently) 750,000 cards. That’s 250 cards per hour or 4.2 cards per minute!

If you need a comparison of the most sold cards, please feel free to check out our article about the most sold cards in 2022.

Top 5 Token Sales

Number 5: Faerie Rogue Token (Morningtide)

The very first Token that makes the list is a black Faerie Rogue Token from Morningtide. Wilds of Eldraine released in September 2023 and was notorious for its fairy tale theme. Although this Faerie Token got reprinted in Wilds of Eldraine, people seem to prefer the old version!

Faerie Rogue Token Morningtide

Number 4: Pegasus Token (Unglued)

The Pegasus Token is all-time favorite of our Cardmarket customers. It has been in the Top 5 in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Who is buying all these Pegasi? That’s the correct plural of Pegasus, by the way, we checked! You can use this one for Sacred Mesa, Storm Herd or the more recently released Archon of Sun’s Grace.

Pegasus Token UGL

Number 3: Elemental Token (Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins)

What a weird entry to our most sold Tokens of 2023! Look at this, it’s a 1/0 Elemental Token, it will die to state-based actions if there are no cards supporting it. Thankfully, Master of Waves not only produces this kind of Tokens but also gives them the support they need.

Elemental Token

Number 2: Goblin Token (Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins)

Another Token from Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins made the list. This time it’s the opposite of niche, but 100% nice: 1/1 Goblin Token! So this is a very heavy contested spot, since you there’s a ton of different Goblin Token and Goblin decks naturally need many, many copies. Last year, the Unglued Goblin Token took the Goblin place in the list, this time your favorite was the Token from Duel Decks!

Number 1: Goblin Shaman (Three for One Trading)

The most sold Token is one of our very own Three for One Trading exclusive Token! No joke, no shenanigans! The Goblin Shaman Token is by far the most sold Token of 2023 on Cardmarket.

And you know what’s even cooler? Three of our other Tokens also made the Top 5, but we didn’t want to make this list all about how awesome our own Tokens are, so we are bundling them together here. The Shark Token (OG 2nd place), Treasure Token (OG 4th place) and Construct Token (6th place) are also part of the most sold Tokens of 2023.

All of our Tokens have been designed by the talented Florian Hochwarter and rest assured, he’s already working on more! Meanwhile, you can get all the Tokens in our webshop, directly in our store in Vienna or, of course, on Cardmarket (we even got our very own expansion category there)!

Goblin Shaman Token
Shark Token
Construct Token

Top 5 Basic Land Sales

Number 5: Snow-Covered Basic Lands (Coldsnap)

The very first lands on the list are non-other than the Snow-Covered Basics from Coldsnap! Now they are mostly played for style points and for the obvious “snow reasons” (Marit Lage’s Slumber, Dead of Winter, Jorn, God of Winter, etc.). But that’s enough for many people to play Snow-Covered Lands over regular Basics!

Number 4: Full Art Basic Lands (Unstable)

John Avon drew the entire Basic Land cycle for Unstable, and there’s no reason these Lands shouldn’t be in the Top 5 of our most sold cards of 2023. Will you look at these beauties, how can anybody disagree with this?!

Number 3: Snow-Covered Basic Lands (Ice Age)

What’s cooler than Snow-Covered Basics from Coldsnap? That’s right, even older Snow-Covered Basics! The Snow Lands from Ice Age even surpassed John Avon’s art in our ranking, which already saying a lot about how popular they are. To be fair though, the Unstable Lands also cost more than twice!

Number 2: Full Art Basic Lands (Theros Beyond Death)

Now, this is something I personally don’t understand, but it’s now the third time that the Full Art Lands from Theros Beyond Death are among our most sold Basic Lands and even more so than John Avon’s work of art. Who is buying all these Theros Lands?!

Number 1: Snow-Covered Basic Lands (Modern Horizons)

The Snow Basics from Modern Horizons managed to throw the Theros Lands from their first place and are now officially the most popular Basics, according to our Cardmarket sales. Just so we are on the same page: That’s roughly 7k Snow-Covered Basics from Modern Horizons, enough to cover the ground of 200 EDH decks!

Top 5 Common Sales

Number 5: Preordain (Magic 2011)

After Brainstorm, Gitaxian Probe and Ponder, Preordain is probably the best cantrips you can find in Blue. That’s why it’s no wonder to find it in our list! It sees play all across the formats, no surprises here!

Number 4: Lotus Petal (Tempest)

Lotus Petal has been OP since its release in Tempest. Since then, it also became one of the best and most expensive Commons around. Especially in Legacy, Vintage and cEDH you’ll see this card ramping along in well… almost every deck.

Number 3: Gitaxian Probe (New Phyrexia)

We already mentioned it before: Gitaxian Probe! Banned for good reasons in Modern and Legacy. It even is restricted in Vintage, and who doesn’t care about this? Of course, the Commander players are having a chuckle at the “casual formats” that are too afraid of Gitaxian Probe. To be fair, the impact of the Probe is not that huge in Commander than in, let’s say, Vintage.

Gitaxian Probe NPH

Number 2: Mystic Remora (Ice Age)

Mystic Remora was already on this list in 2022 and probably also in 2021 because it is cheating! The fish has only been printed as a Common in Ice Age and has since then been shifted to Rare (well deserved). The Ice Age version is still in our system as a Common, which means of course it will rank as such. Cheater.

Mystic Remora ICE

Number 1: Delver of Secrets // Insectile Aberration (Innistrad)

A well deserved first place goes to Delver of Secrets. Such a cool and strong card… oh wait, also a cheater! The reprints from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt are Uncommon and not Common like the OG Innistrad Delver. Anyhow, great card and it sold like crazy in 2023!

Delver of Secrets ISDInsectile Aberation ISD

Top 5 Uncommon Sales

Number 5: Damping Sphere (Dominaria)

Damping Sphere is making its debut this year in our series of Most Sold Cards on Cardmarket. It’s a favorite sideboard card in Pioneer against everything Storm, Arclight Phoenix, Tron or Lotus Field. And apparently it does its job really well, since we have sold a bunch of these last year!

Damping Sphere DOM

Number 4: Monastery Swiftspear (Khans of Tarkir)

Monastery Swiftspear gets played many, many, many Aggro lists. Be it Boros or Mono Red, Pioneer or Standard, Monastery Swiftspear is there! It’s no surprise, again, that this card got sold like crazy, especially since a lot of these decks can be built on a budget and offer an easy first step into the formats.

Monastery Swiftspear KTK

Number 3: Light Up the Stage (Ravnica Allegiance)

Light Up the Stage goes hand in hand with Monastery Swiftspear and is currently also legal everywhere except, of course, Pauper and Standard. The main reason it gets the sales it gets is probably Pioneer, where Light Up the Stage is one of the must-plays for Red Deck Wins.

Light up the Stage RNA

Number 2: Narset, Parter of Veils (War of the Spark)

Narset, Parter of Veils was the most sold Uncommon of 2021! In 2022, she dropped to the third place and is now again starting to rank up! She is played in Vintage, Legacy, Pioneer, Modern and cEDh, so of course she sees some sales.

Number 1: Fatal Push (Aether Revolt)

Fatal Push kicks Sol Ring from the throne! Who would have thought we would see the day the most notorious EDH card would get switched out by… one of the best removal spells in Black for Modern, Pioneer and even maybe Legacy. Anyhow, here we are. Overall, a lot of Commander staples have been shoved of the Top 5 by cards from more competitive formats, interesting!

Top 5 Rare Sales

Number 5: Smuggler’s Copter (Kaladesh)

This card sees A LOT of play in Rakdos Midrange decks in Pioneer. That’s the main reason we sold so many of them!

Smugglers Copter KLD

Number 4: Botanical Sanctum (Kaladesh)

This Fast Land is THE Fast Land for Lotus Field decks in Pioneer. You’ll need a full playset for the deck, so whenever Lotus Field makes the news, sales for the card goes “brrrrrrrr”.

Number 3: Thoughtseize (Theros)

Thoughtseize has been voted by our authors the best black card in Modern and for good reasons! It’s not only the best black card in Modern, but also in many other formats. The card sees play a lot, which naturally means that it gets sold a lot.

Number 2: Abrupt Decay (Return to Ravnica)

Abrupt Decay was already on place 4 in 2022. It’s back again, this time at number 2 which means demand for this fantastic removal has not slowed down!

Number 1: Fetchlands (Khans of Tarkir)

Technically, the most sold rare of 2023 was a Windswept Heath, but there have been many other Fetchlands from Khans that also made the Top 5. Therefore, we decided to bundle them together here on the first spot of the list!

Top 5 Mythic Sales

Number 5: Chandra, Torch of Defiance (Kaladesh)

Chandra shows up in different Rakdos and Burn lists in Pioneer. That and she is not unpopular in Commander as well, which is always a big drive for single sales!

Chandra Torch of Defiance KLD

Number 4: Grim Flayer (Eldritch Moon)

And here it is, the wild card of the year 2023! Well, not exactly a wild card, since Grim Flayer has been making tiny waves since its release 2016. It’s seeing a bit of play in Modern, Pioneer and Commander. Does it justify a place on our list? Apparently so!

Number 3: Monastery Mentor (Fate Reforged)

Monastery Mentor also gets played, kinda everywhere except for Pauper! Most importantly, he’s Standard legal which is not the case for many cards in our Mythics list.

Number 2: History of Benalia (Dominaria)

Finally, a pure Commander card in the list! History of Benalia is probably the best Anthem effect you can get for your Knights deck and hasn’t really seen any reprints except for a place in The List. This and the popularity of Knight decks in general are pushing History of Benalia to number 2 of our most sold Mythics in 2023.

History of Benalia DOM

Number 1: Torrential Gearhulk (Kaladesh)

And the winner is… Torrential Gearhulk! Our most sold Mythic of 2023 is a card that is not only played in Commander but also sees play in Pioneer in Creativity and Quintorius Kand decks.

Torrential Gearhulk KLD

Thanks For Your Support

We wouldn’t be able to sell that many cards without all our loyal customers, and we are very grateful that you decided to buy all these wonderful cards from us.

Let’s see what top sellers 2024 will bring!