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Year in Review 2022


2022 was an amazing year for Three For One Trading. Let's take a look back and review the highlights together!

Year in Review 20222023-03-17T10:24:36+01:00
  • Leopold Götzinger

Get to know the team – Leopold Götzinger


Lists are long, and listing is difficult. Good thing we’ve got Leopold Götzinger in our Listing Team. He does not only look at all the lists of our online cards, but he’s also responsible to create them!

Get to know the team – Leopold Götzinger2022-08-01T12:00:40+02:00

Get to know the team – Stefan Koller


Although often times invisible, the feeding of data into the computer is essential for our functioning system. Stefan Koller is part of the listing team, and it’s his responsibility that every new card finds a place in the digital world, so it can be, in return, found by you!

Get to know the team – Stefan Koller2022-08-11T11:40:57+02:00

Get to know the team – Francisc Loghin


In our latest interview we had the chance to talk to one of our new members of the listing team. Those guys make sure to always list new cards for you to buy. Francisc was playing a competitive MMORPG before getting into Magic.

Get to know the team – Francisc Loghin2022-09-15T17:20:41+02:00

Get to know the team – Gerhard Saldinger


Today you'll get to know our Cardmarket upload specialist and IT wizard Gerhard a bit better. A lot of your readers probably haven't even been alive when he touched is first Magic cards.

Get to know the team – Gerhard Saldinger2022-09-15T17:21:10+02:00
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