2023 at 341

2023 Year in Review

December 31, 2023

Author: Philippe Zens

2023 was a blast for everyone at Three for One Trading, and we’d like to review the past year together with you! The year was packed with fun activities and amazing events.

New Members of the 341 Team

Three for One Trading is growing bigger and bigger every year. The new colleagues that joined us in 2023 are already an established part of the team now, but we still want to take a look back at who actually joined us in the last year:

Alexander Kuhn

Alex joined us early 2023 to support our high-end sales and customer support. Although he doesn’t play MTG himself (he’s playing the One Piece TCG), Alex learned quick and became a very helpful asset around our most precious cards. You can read all about Alex on his profile.

Philipp Eckhardt

Philipp Eckhardt

Everyone that frequents our store from time to time has already met Philipp. For those of you who don’t, most of the time Philipp is rocking the chair behind our store counter and is hosting our in-store events. His profile is right here, if you want to get to know him a little better. Or, even better, visit the 341 STORE in Vienna!

Sascha is back!

Sascha left us early 2023, but then he decided to come back! He’s an MTG powerhouse, show him any weird promo card, and he probably knows where it’s from. That’s fantastic, because he’s again part of the Cardmarket order fulfillment team, where knowing what card is where is super important. More info about Sascha on his page here!

Sascha K.

Welcome everybody, see you on Monday!

A Year Full of Full Houses

We are very happy about how many people took the time to play at our store this year.

No matter if it was a Store Championship, 1K Tournament, Draft, Commander, Prerelease or any other special event, you guys turned up to turn some cards, and we are very grateful for that!

Especially our regular tournaments such as Commander and Draft have always guaranteed to leave very little seats left which is amazing for everyone involved and lets us continue to host these kinds of events with enthusiasm!

Here are only some of the impressions from the events over the year 2023. We can’t wait to see all of you sitting here again next year!

341 Winning Team

While all of you have been busy winning at our tournaments, the Three for One team has been busy winning tournaments elsewhere*!

Lukas Eternal Weekend

Lukas Schwendinger took home the Vintage win during the Eternal Weekend in Prague! Not only that, but he also helped the players over in the US for their Eternal Weekend with a blog article about his winning deck. Read all about here! Let’s hope we’ll get a prize picture with that sweet Eternal Weekend Black Lotus painting soon!

Even before Lukas took home his big win, our CEO Oliver Polak-Rottmann finished second at the Old School tournament during Eternal Weekend Europe 2023. Rumors are saying, that we might see that huge hobbit card on Three for One Trading’s walls very soon!

Oli Eternal Weekend

Our Head of Marketing, Thomas ‘Charly’ Preyer, won the Flesh and Blood Pro Quest in Vienna. Thus, he qualified for the Flesh and Blood Pro Tour in Los Angeles next year! He also only recently jumped back into Old School MTG, so let’s hope that doesn’t get in the way of his Pro Tour preparations!

CFO David Reitbauer, CEO Oliver Polak-Rottmann and seasoned buyer Ricardo Silva (no winning picture available) qualified for the Regional Championship in Ghent! Now that’s a lineup for a 341 success story right there!

David Ghent RCOli Ghent RC

Don't hurt him, though!

*That’s not entirely true. Lukas M. has been in about four or five Top 8 lists of our very own 341 Store Championships. So remember to look out for this guy during the Store Championships of 2024!

The Humans Of Magic


Because we are a WPN Premium store, we received a Polaroid camera and a bunch of picture frames in the form of 1/1 human token from Wizards of the Coast for the Magic Celebration event (featuring The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth). Thank you very much!

We tried to make the best out of this opportunity and thanks to you, the players, we now have a great picture wall of all of you to show off!

We hope you all had a great time during the Magic Celebration event, and for all those who didn’t get their very own Human Token:

We still have some film left, ask to get your picture taken!

New Arrivals Super Drop

You all know we love our New Arrivals Drop on Wednesday, but this year something special happened: We had the biggest drop so far on March, 9th, 2023. Here’s a breakdown to understand why we are still talking about it now:

7 Black Lotus (1 Alpha, 4 Beta, 2 Unlimited)

15 Beta Power Nine cards (NOT counting the Lotus)

9 Unlimited Power Nine cards (NOT counting the Lotus)

2 Alpha Scrubland and Badlands

2 Beta Volcanic Islands

1 playset Library of Alexandria

1 playset Juzam Djinn

And those cards are only the tip of the iceberg! We basically had a full Alpha and Beta set for sale (minus the Power) and all Old School staples you could wish for. If you missed it back in March, you can still see all the cards from the Super Drop here.

We can’t wait for our next Super New Arrivals Drop in 2024, it’s going to be insane!

Collaborations with Fantastic People

What also has been super was the amazing people we worked with in 2023! In general, we tried to reach out to more people in 2023 for collaborations and giveaways. That went super well for everyone involved, and we got to work with cool content creators and YouTubers around the globe.

Thanks to everyone who decided to reach out to us or accepted our reaching out to them! We hope we can continue this in 2024!

Our biggest collaborations have been with Boshnroll, Corey Baumeister, Filipa, Umotivo and, of course, Zen Takahashi (whom you all know from the great blog articles he writes for us). In case you haven’t heard from any of these guys before, check out their respective social media down below!





Traveling Around the World

We didn’t only work with people from all over the world, we also visited different events around the globe! Let’s see… the biggest events we were present with our Three for One Trading booth have been:

  • MagicCon Las Vegas

  • Eternal Weekend Pittsburgh

  • MagicCon Barcelona

  • Spiel Essen

And then we have of course also been to many different European countries such as Italy, Prague, France and Germany as well as the United Kingdom. Our experienced buyers and travelers can’t wait to see what’s on the list for 2024!

Huge Buys, Small Cars

You know the saying “Your eyes are bigger than your belly”? Well, our eyes sometimes are bigger than our cars! When our buyers are out on their trips to get the most and the best cards they can find for you, they are not afraid to bring back big hauls of cards, no matter how.

These are only some of the big collections we bought over the year 2023. Just imagine how the office looks for a while after unpacking and going through all of these cards!

We actually get asked a lot of times if we can handle large collections, and the answer most definitely is: YES! If you have a larger collection that you need to get rid of for any reason, contact us here. We are happy to help! Who knows, maybe your collection will be featured in the 2024-year review!

Selling The Black Lotus

We already did this in our review of 2022:

How many Black Lotus did we sell this year?

Overall, we sold more Black Lotus than in 2022, which is already great news! So if you remember how much it was last year, you might be able to guess how many it’s this year. We count Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Collectors’ Edition and International Edition.



Loyalty comes with a prize!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our Commander tournament entrance fee: It will cost you €5 admission, and you will get 5 Event Tickets which is worth the same amount in store credit. Either way, you’ll get something in value for your entrance fee. And apparently some people are taking this to absurd levels!

Chin Chen, one of our most loyal Commander players, managed to collect a total of 200 Event Tix from at least 40 events during a whole year of playing each week at our store.

He then decided to trade them all in for a Played Revised Savannah! Thanks for that great work, this will be something we will be remembering for a long time!

Google Reviews

To quote us around this time from the year 2023 :

All this hard work of buying, selling, sorting and promoting cards paid off, and we are really proud to announce that we reached over 200 5-star reviews on Google in 2022! Who knows, maybe we will crack the 300 milestone in 2023?

Short answer:


Be sure to leave a review too, we appreciate it!

Black Friday Was a Huge Success

We all know that Black Friday is a big opportunity for every small and big business each year, and this year was no different.

However, we might not have expected how big the sale might end up being! Especially, our friends at the High-End Sales department had their hands full all the time. Don’t worry, they are still up and running, fetching cards for your orders right now!

Disney Lorcana Released this year

We weren’t immune to the Disney Lorcana hype, in fact, we jumped head’s first onto the bandwagon and got our hands on as much product as we humanly could from Ravensburger and our other distributors.

The Lorcana impact was huge on our store, and the prerelease event for the first set was amazing! We saw many new and old faces who wanted to try out the game and although it was midsummer the room was packed!

2024 will be full of Disney Lorcana, and we can’t wait to see what future sets will bring to the table for this very promising new TCG.

Enchanted Tour – Winter Edition 2024

While we are talking about the future, the biggest Austrian Disney Lorcana tournament so far will be held by Rarehuntershop and Three for One Trading this winter:


Be there when the best Lorcana players duel for the title of the first Enchanted Champion on February 3, 2024. The prize pool includes prizes worth a total of €3000!

Up Next: Star Wars Unlimited

After the success of Disney Lorcana, we are ready to tip our toes in the next big upcoming trading card game:

Star Wars Unlimited

The game releases on March 8, but we are already very excited that we got all the information needed to start preorders. So if you are into Star Wars and Magic, chances are high you’ll like Star Wars Unlimited as well.

You can preorder it here, and we’ll tell you when the prerelease will be happening as soon as we know it, in 2024!

Team Events

Oli, Wenzel and David go out of their way to keep the team happy and motivated. Therefore, they keep coming up with new great team building events every other month. Here is some of the fun stuff we did together as a team besides working with Magic cards all day long (Spoiler: Magic cards are also involved).

Speed over 9000

One of the first team events of the year 2023 has been go-kart racing! We decided to leave our Magic cards at home (that’s a lie, some couldn’t part ways with their decks) and went to a go-kart racing track here in Vienna. The goal was to build some chemistry, but it turned out it was more of a race for death and glory and yeah, also fun (that’s actually true, big fun)!

Inhouse Prereleases

Every Friday and Saturday, before the release of a new Magic set, we hold a prerelease for you guys.

But what you don’t know is…

We are actually all playing together a day before you on Thursdays among co-workers, ha!

(sorry there are not a lot of pictures, was busy building my deck and then losing against everyone)

Board Game Nights

What started as a modest birthday invitation (Lukas S. and me have our birthdays two days apart, how could we not celebrate this?) evolved into 99% of the company joining us for a huge board game night. We went to the local Paradice Board Game Bar (if you haven’t been there yet and live in or near Vienna, it’s a great place with A LOT of board games).

We were all invited by our bosses for drinks AND food, which was mighty generous of them, because this wasn’t what we’d planned at all. On top of two great birthday cards signed by everyone, we also got two thoughtful gift vouchers (I don’t know what Lukas will get with them, but I will spend mine on Old School cards).

If you are still looking for a (Christmas) gift, you can also get gift vouchers from our store here!

Another cool board game night (or rather late afternoon) we held was with the social deduction game Feed the Kraken. Our CFO David brought it back from the SPIEL in Essen last year, and it was sitting on an office shelf for a while until we got around to try it!

Since then, we hear the cries of lost pirates asking “when are we going to play another round of Feed the Kraken?!”.

The answer most definitely is: 100% maybe in 2024. 

Back to Old School

For those of you that follow a bit along with our articles, already know that Old School has been a big draw for 75% of the employees here at Three for One Trading. About 16 out of 25 coworkers own at least one Old School deck, and we hosted three tournaments this year. One of which was not open for public, but was soon followed by two public tournaments.

The very first inhouse tournament of 2023 was on April 20th with a total of 14 players present. It was quickly followed by another tournament on June, 23rd. The data for that tournament is missing, but we can assure you it was HUGE, and we have pictures to prove it! Then came the last tournament of the year, which was on October 20th. We had a whooping 22 players ready to play!

The tournaments always followed the same structure: €5 admission fee with cards from 93/94 in the prize pool sponsored by Three for One Trading.

Deck building rules were: Old School Swedish rules with Ravenna rulings, which means: Reprints (for example from Revised and Time Spiral) are allowed to be used in your deck as long as they had the OG artwork on them, for budget reasons. A limit of three Power Nine pieces were allowed per deck.

And that wasn’t even all the Old School madness that happened this year! Behind the scenes, Ivo had the great idea to organize an Old School League. Each week, we were paired against a different opponent and collected points for the league score board. At the end, the top 4 will battle it out for the first place!

The final score board (before the top 4 are playing) currently looks like this:


As a little thank you for everyone that played Old School with us this year, we created these little custom patches. There’s 30 of them, 16 for the employees that play Old School and the leftover 14 are for people that came to the Old School tournaments this year.

If you want one, just ask for them. They are free!

There might not exactly be enough for everyone, but we also have stickers made for those of you who weren’t quick enough to get a patch.

The Top 4 even got time to decide who will take home first place before the year ended! Our League Winning Champion is no other than Old School Veteran and CEO of this very company: Oli


Christmas Dinner Party 2023

Like last year, we had an amazing Christmas party! We met at 5 PM in our store for welcome drinks, a review of the successful last year, gifts and group pictures. Everyone of the 25 employees here at Three for One Trading was gifted a 24 booster Chaos Draft for their hard work over the year (you maybe can still get one for yourself here)!

Then we moved on to dinner at the same restaurant as last year (Rosnovsky, excellent Austrian cuisine with lots of black pepper). The food was delicious, the drinks were bottomless, and the atmosphere was joyful!

As always, there’s no Three for One Trading gathering without Magic: The Gathering, and so we played a bunch of different games. Old School (pay attention to those drinks!), Chaos Draft, Love Letter, Tichu and a new favorite: Cabo!

The party went on until around 4AM, if you believe the last survivors. Overall it was a great evening, and we are ready for another amazing year with another one of these kinds of Christmas parties at the end of it!

We are ready for 2024!