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Year in Review 2022


2022 was an amazing year for Three For One Trading. Let's take a look back and review the highlights together!

Year in Review 20222023-01-18T08:41:35+01:00

Charity Event 2022


Over 70 players joined our Charity Event to collect money for children in need. Players could buy Mystery Tickets and win different prices: promo cards, commander decks, singles, boosters, or even a booster box! The entire revenue from the Mystery Tickets went to the "Stille Helden Aktion" by

Charity Event 20222022-11-24T15:03:34+01:00

341 MODERN 1K Event Coverage


29 players came to compete at our fourth Modern 1K. Round 1 has started by now. Good luck!

341 MODERN 1K Event Coverage2022-08-08T08:54:59+02:00

341 LEGACY 1K 04-2022 Event Coverage


41 players from Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic found their way to our 341 Legacy 1K tournament today. Round 1 has started by now and only time will tell who ends up in the Top 8 of our international competition.

341 LEGACY 1K 04-2022 Event Coverage2022-08-02T16:01:58+02:00

Auckland Eternal Weekend Report


Our author, Zen Takahashi, spent an Eternal Weekend in Auckland where he played tournaments of Vintage, Old School and Legacy. Real Power Nine, no proxies allowed! You can read all about what decks he played and how it went right here on our blog!

Auckland Eternal Weekend Report2022-09-05T12:25:42+02:00

341 MODERN 1K 03-2022 Event Coverage


A total of 56 players sat down to compete in our 341 Modern 1K tournament today. Here you'll be updated on everything around and about this tournament.

341 MODERN 1K 03-2022 Event Coverage2022-08-02T13:56:28+02:00

341 LEGACY 1K 02-2022 Event Coverage


26 players compete at our first Legacy event in 2022 at the 341 Store in Vienna. Coverage will be updated during the day and Monday with Standings, Impressions, Decklists and more

341 LEGACY 1K 02-2022 Event Coverage2022-08-02T14:49:58+02:00

From the Vault: Pro Tour London 1999


Do not read on if you are allergic to dust! Today, we go back in time to bring you a Pro Tour tournament report from 1999. This is from 22 years ago and written by our now Marketing guy, Thomas Preyer. Follow him on his adventures at this very first Pro Tour., which was Urza Block Booster Draft.

From the Vault: Pro Tour London 19992022-08-02T15:13:32+02:00

341 Modern 1K Tournament in Vienna


60 players competed last Saturday for store credit of over €1000, at our first big Magic Modern tournament at the shop in Vienna. Find out who made top8, get the top 4 decklists and a metagame breakdown.

341 Modern 1K Tournament in Vienna2022-08-08T11:05:01+02:00

341 Legacy 1K 09-2022


53 players competed last Saturday for store credit of over €1000 at our first big Magic Legacy tournament in the Vienna store. Read on to find out who won and what decks have been played.

341 Legacy 1K 09-20222022-08-08T11:10:29+02:00
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